TOPS [ONE] is a simple VMS alternative.
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Are you thinking of making the switch to TOPS [ONE] or one of the other Village Management Software competitors? Switching community association management software can be stressful, so we want to make your decision as easy as possible. Here you'll find the information we've put together that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Read on to compare TOPS [ONE] and VMS, including the features that impressed current TOPS [ONE] customers who have made the switch. Regardless of what you decide, we wish you the best of luck in your search!

An Easier Way to Get Around

If you often have trouble finding important functions in VMS, TOPS [ONE] will be a breath of fresh air!

Search the same way you do online to find anything in TOPS [ONE]. Whether you are searching for a homeowner, a vendor, or even a function like "Apply Charges," everything is accessible through the search feature.


Customize Your World

TOPS [ONE] offers a number of customizability options:

  • Create any custom fields you need to track additional data - group custom fields and attach them to owners, properties and more.
  • Build as many funds as you need to track, and add cost centers to your CoA for better visibility and reporting.
  • Design your owner portal to match the branding and colors of your management company.

Save Time with Automation

When your employees are more efficient, your management organization is more effective.

Switching to an industry leader like TOPS [ONE] will give your team efficiencies to make your organization more effective, and able to take on more with less.

Better Support, Whenever You Need

Are you tired of outsourced support representatives who read their help suggestions from a script?

You deserve a support team that understands the industry and what you're trying to do, so they can help you get it done quickly and correctly.

At TOPS, our support team has won Customer Service Department of the Year two years in a row from the American Business Awards.

Scales With Your Business

The profitability of a management company depends on growth. Your business cannot afford a software that only works when the organization is small.

TOPS [ONE] provides a fully scalable modern technology suite that grows with your business, whether you manage 500 units or 500,000. TOPS [ONE] uses a distributed design where processes that carry a heavy system load (like reports) are run on a separate server to insure maximum system efficiency.

See TOPS [ONE] for Yourself

Compare Features

Compare VMS TOPS [ONE]
CAM Accounting      
Management Tools         
Data Access        
Device Support        
Industry Partners         
Smart Banking         

Customer Relationship Management

Community Association Management is defined by how you manage the people: Tracking homeowners and properties, Owner Resales, A full history of lot or unit ownership, complete with all actions associated with same.

Industry specific terminologies (homeowners vs tenants or customers) are important to prevent mistakes.

CAM Accounting Functions

A great CAM Accounting system must support the key standards defined by the AICPA for planned communities: Fund Accounting, cost centers, yearly comparisons, custom chart of accounts, accrual or modified accrual accounting method, budgeting tools.

Management Tools

Community Association Managers need access to the tracking tools to enforce the deeds of the community. CC&R violation management, Architectural control, work order and vendor management, parking enforcement and facilities management.


No CAM software is complete without a full communications system. Form letters, reports, mass email, certified mail, SMS messaging, tasks & assignments. All communications need to be stored with the homeowner's record for future reference.

Automation Efficiencies

Automation allows you to reduce the labor on your team, even reduce the number of staff or increase the number of associations in your portfolio. Assessments, Late Fees, Collections, Violation escalation.

Data Access

No system works if you cannot access it easily. A local or network install cannot compete with a hosted or web-based system. With a scalable web-based system there is no need to pinch and zoom in to see the system.

Device Support

Can you access your Community Association software with your phone? Tablet? Will it work on your Apple? PC?

Industry Partners

You have partners you work with - banks, website providers, automation services and more. Your association management software should integrate with the partners you choose so you don't have to double or triple enter your data.

Smart Banking

Your bank is the other half of the accounting equation for managing your community association financials. Smart banking ties your data more closely and helps prevent fraudulent behaviors. Bank lockbox, auto reconciliation, ACH processing, echecks.

Easy to Implement

At TOPS, we understand your need to get up and running, and we want to make it easy for you. Our Client Services team is your advocate for every step of your implementation.

From preparing and importing your data, to setting up your accounting and communities, to training and consultation - we help you get up and running, and continue to support you for the lifetime of your usage of the app.

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