Thinking of converting from TOPS Professional?
Here's why you should consider switching…

    TOPS Software will continue to support TOPS Professional for some time. However, we are devoting our resources to TOPS [ONE] and we'd like to invite you to consider converting to our latest and greatest: TOPS [ONE].

    Read on to compare TOPS [ONE] to TOPS Professional.

    A Message to Existing TOPS Users

    More than 30 years ago, my father set out to solve a problem he had in his own management company. The resulting software, TOPS, quickly became a household name in the community association management industry.

    Over the years, we added a multitude of new features and functionality. We also added a number of clients, representing nearly 10,000 users nationwide. We are so glad you were able to join us on this journey.

    But after 30 years of continuous development, the framework that TOPS Professional is built on is simply too outdated to continue to hang new functionality onto. That's why we created TOPS [ONE]. TOPS [ONE] is designed to be a modern product built on state-of-the-art technology that we can continue to build on and grow for another 30 years. And we'd like you to be a part of this journey going forward.

    Changing software is no easy decision, and that goes doubly for an application that governs a very large portion of your day to day business. We understand that. And we will not take away TOPS Pro from you and your team if you aren't ready. But we think when you see TOPS [ONE], you will be just as excited about what we are trying to accomplish as we are, and you will want to become a part of it.

    There's no pressure. You will not be forced to convert. This site is more intended to educate you about the state of TOPS [ONE] and help you determine whether (or when) is the right time for you to make the switch. Take your time. Explore. Enjoy. And be sure to ask us any questions you have. We would be happy to just talk.

    Mike Hardy, President & CEO
    TOPS Software, LLC


    Anywhere Access

    No more servers to maintain, no more sync issues. TOPS [ONE] is a complete web-based application, which means it can run anywhere, on any device, and look great doing it.

    With TOPS [ONE] instant access to your system becomes a reality. You get the full app - no partial features or limited access. Your managers will love the fact that they get complete access to the entire program on their phone, without the need to pinch and zoom. Your accounting staff will love the ability to finally work from home (or the coffee shop!)

    Full User Control

    Set different levels of access to only expose what each individual is authorized to see in TOPS [ONE]. You control what each user can do on an individual or group level.

    Homeowners get special access via Owner Access, a white-labeled portal unique to each tenant.

    CAM Accountant

    On-Site Staff
    On-Site Staff

    CAM Manager


    Board Members
    Board Trustees


    Modern Design

    As much as we love TOPS Professional, we can't deny that it looks dated. That's why we think you're going to love TOPS [ONE]'s award-winning design. And we're not just talking about making a prettier front-end. TOPS [ONE] is designed from the ground up with a focus on the user experience. This results in easier workflows, more intuitive interfaces and an all around better experience.

    See TOPS [ONE] for Yourself


    Partner Integrations

    You've put in the time to automate your business by integrating with strategic partners. We wouldn't ever want to compromise those relationships. Which is why TOPS [ONE] works with all of the big community association management partners through our TOPS Connect API. Created your own integration? TOPS clients are invited to use the API as well!

    All-in-[ONE] Pricing

      TOPS Professional TOPS [ONE]
    Base System One-Time Purchase Monthly Fee
    Core Features (Accounting & CRM) Included Included
    Management Tools (Work Order, CCR) One-Time Purchase Included
    Automation Tools (Job Streaming, Global) One-Time Purchase Included
    Mass Email Monthly Fee Included
    Data Backups Monthly Fee Included
    Mobile Access Monthly Fee (TOPS GO!) Included
    Software Upgrades Extra Fee Included
    Support Monthly Fee Included
    Add'l Users Extra Fee Included
    Add'l Communities Extra Fee Included

    What Problems Does [ONE] Solve?

    • OwnerAccess_LoginNetworking Issues - No more issues with running the software on multiple machines. It's all in the cloud.
    • Antivirus Conflicts - Conflicts are a thing of the past with your antivirus software.
    • Utilities - No more rebuilding Owner Access Data. Never again!
    • Scaleable Screen - Who knew how nice it would be to have the app actually fit the size of your screen.
    • Multitasking - Open TOPS [ONE] on multiple browser windows to access multiple versions at once.
    • Copy & Paste - Mind. Blown.
    • Automation Scheduling - Forget problems with the scheduler or Job Streaming. All automation is part of the system.
    • Multiple Fund Types - Create an unlimited number of funds in TOPS [ONE]
    • Unlimited Collection Categories - Create as many as you need. No limits!
    • Unlimited Bank Accounts - Track an unlimited number of bank accounts per community, and group them under master banks for easier account management.

    Compare Features

    Compare TOPS Professional TOPS [ONE]
    CAM Accounting    
    Management Tools      
    Data Access      
    Device Support      
    Industry Partners      
    Smart Banking         

    Customer Relationship Management

    Community Association Management is defined by how you manage the people: Tracking homeowners and properties, Owner Resales, A full history of lot or unit ownership, complete with all actions associated with same.

    Industry specific terminologies (homeowners vs tenants or customers) are important to prevent mistakes.

    CAM Accounting Functions

    A great CAM Accounting system must support the key standards defined by the AICPA for planned communities: Fund Accounting, cost centers, yearly comparisons, custom chart of accounts, accrual or modified accrual accounting method, budgeting tools.

    Management Tools

    Community Association Managers need access to the tracking tools to enforce the deeds of the community. CC&R violation management, Architectural control, work order and vendor management, parking enforcement and facilities management.


    No CAM software is complete without a full communications system. Form letters, reports, mass email, certified mail, SMS messaging, tasks & assignments. All communications need to be stored with the homeowner's record for future reference.

    Automation Efficiencies

    Automation allows you to reduce the labor on your team, even reduce the number of staff or increase the number of associations in your portfolio. Assessments, Late Fees, Collections, Violation escalation.

    Data Access

    No system works if you cannot access it easily. A local or network install cannot compete with a hosted or web-based system. With a scalable web-based system there is no need to pinch and zoom in to see the system.

    Device Support

    Can you access your Community Association software with your phone? Tablet? Will it work on your Apple? PC?

    Industry Partners

    You have partners you work with - banks, website providers, automation services and more. Your association management software should integrate with the partners you choose so you don't have to double or triple enter your data.

    Smart Banking

    Your bank is the other half of the accounting equation for managing your community association financials. Smart banking ties your data more closely and helps prevent fraudulent behaviors. Bank lockbox, auto reconciliation, ACH processing, echecks.

    Impact Level 1

    Description of impact Level 1.

    Easy to Implement

    TOPS [ONE] is a full replacement product, not an update to TOPS Professional. This means that you will go through a full conversion in the same way you would moving to another product. That said, it is our goal to make your conversion as painless as possible.

    From preparing and importing your data, to setting up your accounting and communities, to training and consultation - we help you get up and running, and continue to support you for the lifetime of your usage of the app.

    Implementation Plan    Conversion Guide

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