Making the Switch to TOPS [ONE]
...A Conversion Guide

      Is TOPS [ONE] a good fit for me? What is my Return on Investment? How does TOPS [ONE] compare? What will conversion be like? Will my community info be safe? How do I get started?

So you're thinking of making the switch to TOPS [ONE]? You probably have a lot of questions, whether you are an existing user of TOPS Professional or TOPS iQ, or you are comparing TOPS [ONE] to another product. Here we aim to answer all of those questions (and some you haven't even thought of!) to help you make your decision.

What's All-in-[ONE]?

A lot of products use the term all-in-one, but what does that really mean? With TOPS [ONE], our vision is to provide a platform for community association that serves as the central hub for every stakeholder.

The association affects your homeowners, your board members, your community vendors and your partners. So why should the management company be the only ones able to use the app?

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What's My Return on Investment?

With TOPS [ONE], you get all the features, plus full service and more time in the field. Automate your world but keep your nickels & dimes and pick your own partners. The ROI is clear! Get the infographic here:

ROI Infographic

Will I Have to Change My Partners?

You've put in the time to automate your business by integrating with strategic partners. We wouldn't ever want to compromise those relationships. Which is why TOPS [ONE] works with all of the big community association management partners through our TOPS Connect API. Created your own integration? TOPS clients are invited to use the API as well! View all partners

Will My Community Info Be Safe?

Your community data is the heart of your business, and that means that it's precious—both to you and to us.

We've gone to great lengths to provide the highest levels of security and best practices for managing infrastructure to ensure that your data assets are safe.

Security & Requirements

How Does TOPS [ONE] Compare?

Whatever product you are coming from, TOPS [ONE] stands out. Compare what you are currently using to see how it stacks up against TOPS [ONE].

Compare TOPS [ONE]

Frequently Asked Questions

We hold your hand every step of the way! Our dedicated implementation team will provide consultation, training and setup in a 4-step plan for up to 8 weeks to assure complete comfort for you and your team.

  1. Initiation
    It starts out with introductions. We’ll have an introductory call where you’ll meet your implementation team and talk about your overall goals, identify the primary stakeholders in your organization and key partnerships.
  2. Planning
    In the planning phase, we will interview each of the stakeholders on your team to learn about their specific needs. As a result of those interviews, we will identify key workflows, critical outputs (like report packages and letters) and user groups needed for the proper setup of your system.
  1. Execution
    Now the real work begins. We'll be working with your accounting administrators to setup your system and add communities and data.

    Additional training classes will be made available for your users to learn the basics of using the application.
  2. Delivery
    In the final stage of the project, we will once again meet with stakeholders to insure that the work we've completed meets their needs.

    We’ll also work with your preferred partners to make sure the integrations you need are active by your Go Live date.

What Should I Do Next?

Thinking of making the switch? Before you do anything, first find out if TOPS [ONE] is right for you, and compare your needs.

TOPS [ONE] is a full product conversion, so you'll need to plan for it. If TOPS [ONE] feels like a good fit for you, it's time to build your launch plan.

It's time to talk to your TOPS account manager. Already know your launch date? Give 3 months lead time to get your system set up and your team trained up.

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