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Your role as a volunteer for your neighborhood’s self-managed HOA or condo association presents you with many challenges. From managing collections and property violations to consistent communications with residents, self-managing a community is a full-time commitment for board members.

In turn, you and your HOA or Condo board need something stronger and more complete than a rag-tag assembly of spreadsheets, off-the-shelf accounting software, and the other online tools to handle your day to day task load.

You need TOPS [ONE], the HOA & Condo software designed to power boards for communities like yours.

Choosing to self manage and forgo a property management company means taking on the task of securing a professional management software. TOPS [ONE] is the all-in-one, self-managed community platform that unifies and helps automate data storage, community transparency, and simplified communication with your homeowners.

The TOPS [ONE] web-based solution gives you access to your self-managed community software from almost any device and anywhere that you have access to the internet.


TOPS [ONE] for Self-Managed Community Associations

TOPS [ONE] Powers Self-Managed Community Associations.



Award Winning Association Management Software Design

TOPS [ONE] won a Gold Stevie Award for Best User Experience for a reason. The TOPS [ONE] web-based platform has a clean and modern design that puts all of the information you need on one screen. This easily-accessible is intuitive and easy to master.

TOPS [ONE] is designed to save time and make your day to day work experience enjoyable and efficient. See what a difference a modern platform can make in your day-to-day life: 

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Owner Access

TOPS ONE Laptop on womens lapCommunication with your residents is pivotal in a self-managed association. With Owner Access built directly into TOPS [ONE], keeping your homeowners informed and involved is simple.

  • Owner Self-Registration
  • Current Account Balance and Recent Transaction History
  • Online Assessment Payments Portal
  • Maintenance/ Work Order Tickets
  • Violations and Architectural Request Tickets
  • Community Documents
  • Communication Tools

Own Your Own Data

TOPS ONE Notebook and Laptop Your Community's data belongs to your community, not  your accountant or some faceless corporation. And in today, when data is everything, and data security is critical, you cannot afford to give up control. With TOPS [ONE] you don't have to.

With TOPS [ONE], self-managed communities have complete ownership of community and homeowner data. But you're not an island. Because TOPS [ONE] is entirely web-based, your property manager, your accountant, your board and your homeowners can all see exactly what they need to see (and no more) in one easy to access platform.

You have control over who has access to your data, and the flexibility to determine how it is used.



Anywhere Access

Laptop n Phone on table TOPS [ONE] is a fully web-based platform for managing your self-governed HOA or condo association. Your community’s data is stored in the cloud so you and other board members can access it at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

With TOPS [ONE], you are never out of touch when it comes to self-managed HOA challenges:

    • Need to get in contact with a homeowner? Pull up TOPS [ONE] on your phone - the full platform is designed with mobility in mind, so there's no limited interface or difficult-to-read screen sizes.
    • In a board meeting and need to look up financial details? The full TOPS [ONE] platform, including accounting, is at your fingertips.
    • Emergency maintenance needed after hours? Pull up vendor information without having to run over to the office, or spend frustrating hours on the phone.

Keeping Everyone in the Loop

TOPS ONE Man on laptop The TOPS [ONE] platform was designed to serve the needs of every stakeholder in your community. Not just your community members, but all of the people who serve your community and need access to community data:

  • Board Members
  • Homeowners
  • Community Association Manager
  • Banker (through smart banking)
  • Community Vendors
  • ...and more!


Popular Features for Self-Managed HOAs

TOPS [ONE] self-managed HOA software gives you all the time-saving tools you need to manage your
community. TOPS [ONE] is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you.

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