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Run Your HOA with TOPS [ONE]

Are you tired of going into multiple systems to find information on your homeowners? How many hours do you spend each month on manual processes? What would you do with that time? Would you have more events to improve your homeowner engagement? Would you finally be able to get on top of your to do list? What would it mean to you if we could give you that time back?

By using multiple products that are not geared to HOA Management to manage your community, you end up with wasted time and wasted money. TOPS [ONE] is all-in-one platform that brings together community management and accounting features with powerful automation designed for managing Homeowners Associations.

Best of all? TOPS [ONE] is a web-based HOA management solution. Access essential information from your desktop at work, your laptop at home, or on your preferred mobile device when you’re on the go, saving even more time and effort!

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Award-Winning HOA Management Software

TOPS [ONE] won a Gold Stevie Award for Best User Experience for a reason. The TOPS [ONE] web-based HOA management platform offers a design that’s clean and modern, making it intuitive and easy to use. User experience is a priority; that’s why you can access all of the information you need from one sleek screen.

With TOPS [ONE], you’ll find your day-to-day work experience more efficient and more productive. See what a difference a modern HOA management solution can do for you:

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Anywhere Access

TOPS [ONE] is a fully web-based HOA management tool that stores your community’s data in the cloud. You and your board members can access the system any time, anywhere, on any device.

With TOPS [ONE] cloud-based software, you are never out of touch when it comes to community management. Need to answer an accounting question? Pull up TOPS [ONE] on your phone to get the answers quick - the full platform is on your phone; no limited interface or difficult to read screen sizes.


Conversion Guide

Community management professionals already manage over half a million homes with TOPS [ONE]. However, not every homeowner's association is the right fit for TOPS [ONE]. Use our dynamic conversion guide to answer all of your HOA software questions. You’ll find the resources you need to make the right decision.

TOPS [ONE] Conversion Guide


Secure HOA Management Software 

We understand how important the security of community’s data is. That's why TOPS [ONE]'s servers are stored in a highly-secured data center facility with fire, flood and theft protection. Additionally, our servers feature built-in disaster recovery with 99% guaranteed uptime.

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State-of-the-Art Technology

Sure, TOPS [ONE] looks amazing, but it also performs like a champ! Behind the slick user interface is a cutting-edge technological framework powered by an SQL Server database and backed by the latest web-based technologies such as HTML 5, Angular JS, and the ASP.NET MVC framework.

Scalability isn’t a problem with TOPS [ONE]. Our technology scales to meet the demands of your growing community. TOPS [ONE] uses a distributed design where processes that carry a heavy system load (like reports) are run on a separate server to ensure maximum system efficiency.

Popular Features for HOA Management Companies

TOPS [ONE] HOA management software saves you time and money. Everything you
need to manage your community is inside this power-packed, secure and reliable platform.

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