Case Studies

TOPS customers tell their success stories

TOPS community association management software has been a part of so many organizations' success. In these case studies, TOPS Clients share their stories about moving to TOPS, and the benefits they have gained from working with TOPS software solutions.

Learn how TOPS has made a difference in helping these companies achieve their goals, and gain insight into strategic ways you can use TOPS to improve your property management business.

HOA Strategies Grows 120% in 18 Months With TOPS [ONE]


When Trever Midgley was ready to turn his side business into a full-time endeavor, he knew that meant finding a software solution designed with his company's needs in mind. See how making the move to TOPS [ONE] gave his company an attainable growth model, and gave him back his down time.

J&L Management Leverages TOPS [ONE] To Better Serve Clients


Entrepreneur James Long has faced an uphill battle to find success for his management company in Northern Florida. Learn how his discovery and implementation of TOPS [ONE] helped him find the modern tools he needed to better serve his clients.

SFMC Optimizes Processes to Manage Growth with a Director of Strategy and Operations

Large Management Companies

Lulu, the Director of Strategy and Operations at SFMC, was able to increase growth by optimizing the use of their current tools and automating CC&R processes.

Premier Association Management of Central Florida Reduces Workload by 4+ Employees Using TOPS

Enterprise Management Companies, Accounting Firms

When Premier Association Management found that managing with their disconnected software was a burden, they turned to TOPS for a more powerful solution.

TOPS Empowers Coventry Group to Build Community

Mid-Sized Management Companies

Coventry was shocked to lose their largest client. It was this setback that propelled them to improve their operation by selecting TOPS to automate processes.

TOPS Accelerates Revenue for Management Startup, Saves $10,000 in Conversion Costs

Startup Management Companies

Bono & Associates was able to convert to TOPS in about a week's time with minimal conversion costs. With their TOPS in the cloud they can access it anywhere.

TOPS Automation Tools Give Towers Property Management Time to Provide "Personal Touch"

Small Management Companies

Benjamin Isip, President of Towers PM, wants his managers to be seen in the communities they manage and to provide hands-on service, and with TOPS they can.

Alliant Property Management Grows to 160 Associations with TOPS

Enterprise Management Companies

Alliant started in 2005 with TOPS Pro and has grown to manage over 160 associations. Today they use iMail & SouthData with TOPS to communicate with homeowners.

Customer Praises TOPS' Industry Specific Design

Mid-Sized Management Companies

Advanced Property Specialists was frustrated daily by QuickBooks's lack of industry specific features, but with TOPS their headaches have ceased.

Amelia Island Management Enhances Service and Prepares for Growth with TOPS Cloud and Mobile Technologies

Large Management Companies

With the industry-specific features in TOPS, Amelia Island Management was able to become more efficient and grow their business from anywhere with the cloud.

Management Startup Projects Savings of $90,000 per Year with TOPS

Startup Management Companies

With years of experience, Jennifer Senffner decided to start her own company. Using TOPS, Senffner started CCM without a large capital investment or staff.

FPAAMI Utilizes TOPS to Establish at all Levels

Startup Management Companies

Bill Thompson, LCAM and Owner of FPAAMI, loves how simple TOPS is. Integration with Strongroom (AvidXChange) has made their software even more effective.

CPA Values TOPS' Accuracy and Reliability

Accounting Firms

Mark Cantey Associates manages accounting for homeowner associations and nearby management company accounts. They use TOPS for all of their CAM accounting.

Steward Property Services Gaining the Edge with TOPS

Large Management Companies

By implementing TOPS, Steward Property Services was able to improve communication. save time, reduce costs, and become green and use less paper.

Captain's Cove GM Says Life is Much Easier with TOPS

Self-Managed Communities

Lance Stitcher, GM at Captian's Cove Golf and Yacht Club, says that the versatility and functionality of the modules in TOPS makes his job easier and faster.

TOPS Veteran's Favorite Feature is Flexibility

Mid-Sized Management Companies

Brenda Conway, with Summit Management Services Inc. has used TOPS for 10 years and favorite thing about it is its flexibility and custom reports.

Florida Management Team Sings the Praises of TOPS

Self-Managed Communities

Barbara & Ralph Waters are managers at Brighton at Bay Colony; Barbara has used TOPS since 1989. The automated accounting features are what they love the most.

Apartment Complex Manager Describes TOPS as "Fantastic"

Apartment Complexes, Self-Managed Communities

Gayle A. Shannon with The Lodge at Lost Pines Apartments has used TOPS for 8 years and loves the flexibility that TOPS offers, saving her time and headaches.