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Accounting Features

Automated Online Payments
When homeowners can pay automatically online, you'll see delinquency ratings go down and homeowner satisfaction go up!

 Quick Collect
Custom Defined Collections Processing
Automated collections gives owners full visibility into their account history, and insures every past due homeowner is treated equally and fairly.

 Smart Banking
Integrated Banking Services
Reduce the chances of fraud when your accounting software is linked to your bank. Assessments are automatically processed and accounts are automatically reconciled.

 Interactive Reporting
Custom Reports with Live Drill-down
More informed boards = better run communities, and fully customizable reports that can be exported to XL or PDF or even emailed automatically are the TOPS!

Management Features

 Easy Enforce
Custom CC&R Workflows
Your managers will love the freedom TOPS [ONE] gives them over the enforcement process. They can do an inspection on their cell phone, and send letters automatically via email or TOPS Mailroom.

 Document Management
Upload and Share Documents
Stop wasting hours of your team's time printing community documents and reports for homeowners, title companies and board members. Document Management allows you to store all the community's docs online and share them at the click of a button.

 360° Property View
Complete Property History Tracking
Never lose out on funds again due to an untimely resale. With a 360° view of the property, track each home's complete history, from developer to current owner. You can even choose on resale what transactions stay with the property and what goes with the previous owner.

Productivity Enhancers

 Owner Access
Free Owner Portal
Not every community needs a costly website. Activate the free Owner Access portal from TOPS [ONE] to give every owner in your portfolio instant access to their info, community docs and online payments.

 TOPS Mailroom
Hands-off Mailings
Your in-house mailroom is draining floorspace, CapEx and talent. Outsource the whole thing for a fraction of the cost and empower your team to generate mass mailings (or email for your 'green' owners) on the fly.

 Automated Workflows
Definable Automation Bots
What's taking your people away from the field and wasting their time? Clear up their time to focus more on what's really important - serving your clients!

Andrew Gifford_oval"We love TOPS [ONE]! The cloud based system works great for us as we are in the field a lot. I only wish we had TOPS [ONE] sooner!"
   Andrew Gifford
   Gifford Properties & Management

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TOPS [ONE] a true web-based application, allowing you to provide fast access to information for the community's entire ecosystem.

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TOPS [ONE] is a force magnifier for your team, helping you provide better service and communication to your clients.

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TOPS [ONE] offers the lowest total cost of ownership of any industry application. Shrink your current spend and grow your bottom line.

Over 1 million homes are managed in TOPS [ONE]!

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