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Sperlonga Data and Analytics

Sperlonga provides an automated solution that can reduce delinquencies, improve association cash flow, and positively impact owner’s credit scores.  It’s a proactive solution that can help improve the financial health of Associations.  

Our service is built for Associations who are spending countless hours and money each year, with disappointing results.  Reporting assessment payments to a credit bureau can help limit special assessments, reallocate funds more productively in budgets and position the association to succeed even during tough economic times.

Get information on how Sperlonga can tie association assessment payments to an owner’s credit report or the rental/lease payment to the tenant’s credit report and help to increase credit scores, reduce delinquencies, protect property values, and reduce bad debt legal expenses. We provide access to the same gold standard credit reporting technology that is used by lenders, credit card providers, and other debt owners. Use our service to reward the consumers who pay on time while also changing the payment behavior or consumers that don’t pay on time. Go to for more information. Call Sperlonga at 844-652-4972 or email us


Sperlonga Webinar: Credit Bureau Reporting. Is it Legal?

Each month, we host a webinar featuring one of our premier partners using the TOPS Connect API. Sperlonga allows credit bureau reporting for delinquent owners.

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