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SouthData, Inc

SouthData prints and mails billing statements, payment coupon books, letters, and other homeowner communications to property management companies throughout the country. We help your HOAs and their staff effectively manage billing processes, control costs, and enhance their customer service.

CertMail by SouthData

Is certified mail a profit center for your management company?

Like most management companies, you probably charge your communities for the actual costs of certified mail, envelops, copies and possibly add a profit factor to cover the costs of processing and make a small profit on this valuable service.  But are you really making any profit or could you actually be losing money?  Remember, there are multiple, time-consuming steps requiring staff time if you do certified mail by hand.  Are you sure what you charge really covers ALL your costs?  You may actually be losing money on certified mail and not even realizing it.

There is a better way which ASSURES profitability.  SignatureMail™ by SouthData allows you to create electronic certified mail and first class mail integrated with the TOPS Enhanced Form Letter program. You don't have to print anything or even leave your desk! Simply follow these steps to create you electronic certified mail:

  1. Sign up for a SignatureMail™ account with SouthData
  2. Create owner delinquency or violation letters through TOPS Enhanced Form Letter program
  3. Set the Delivery Method to “Certified Mail” or “Certified + First Class Mail”.  
  4. Click "Generate Letters".

TOPS will upload the letters electronically to SouthData, who will print them, insert them into envelopes and mail them certified for you.  No need to print and file copies of the letters, an electronic copy is automatically kept for you in the TOPS communication history. And once the owner signs the receipt, SouthData’s CertMail provides a link to the receipt through TOPS where you can view it or print it. 

If certified mail is a profit center for your company, SouthData can bill you directly for the actual cost of this service which includes the certified postage (they can bill the community directly too if that is your preference). Then you simply mark-up this cost to create a profit factor and bill your community.  

The communication history in TOPS can print a report showing all the certified mail sent during a month as backup details to this billing so you don’t miss any charges.  Because your staff is able to do everything electronically, the staff time is much reduced over the manual system so it only takes minutes, not hours, to do certified mail!  The time savings this offers will dramatically increase the profitability of sending certified mail.  And since what you charge for certified mail gets automatically added to the owner’s account in TOPS, in the end it really does not cost your community anything for certified mail because the owner who created the extra work pays for the costs—whatever you decide to charge. 

Electronic certified mail is a winning proposition for all. Start using it today to increase your profits!