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Significant Digits Inc

SDIComplete is a state of the art industry leading billing package that meets the ever evolving meter reading and route management system requirements. SDIComplete is a simple, user friendly tool that:

  1. Streamlines the processing of loading utility billing into TOPS.

  2. Employs an intuitive graphical user interface.

  3. Extends the power and flexibility of the TOPS application.

  4. Manages utility meter assignments.

  5. Easily move meters from one customer to another.

  6. Services can be setup as metered, non-metered, or surrogate.

  7. Service prices configuration is simple and flexible. Charges can be set at a base price or a consumption rate or any combination of the costing two methods.

  8. Configure high/low read range that is sent to the read device.

  9. Billing cycles are fully customizable. Billing can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or other user defined period.

  10. 10. Powerful reporting.