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Nabr Network


Mobilize Your Communication

Nabr Network is the industry’s most comprehensive private mobile communication platform and web presence-- specifically developed for community association management.

Nabr Network’s easy-to-use software allows managers to create, automate and push content in one touch to mobile app, text, email and auto-updated websites. By mobilizing communication, Nabr Network better informs, engages and educates residents, which helps managers be more efficient and gives management companies a significant technology edge.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Both management companies and their associations will find greater efficiencies with Nabr Network. Residents are better informed of association business, events, meetings and time sensitive information and managers save time because of our array of self-service and automated features available to the residents.

With our Enterprise Program, management companies can roll the system out company-wide so community association managers can communicate to their entire portfolio of communities from an easy-to-use dashboard. Managers can work more quickly and efficiently-- as they can manage all of their communication from one place with one login.

Brand Your Company

When you sign up for our Enterprise Program, you have an option to brand our software platform as your own. We create a downloadable branded mobile app with your company name or a unique name of your choice. This means an app button with your custom name, logo and colors. With your own branded app you are free to promote and brand the app in your marketing brochures and presentations to potential customers.

Of course, Nabr Network will provide our great technical support in the background, taking the burden off your staff. This will include ongoing training sessions as needed and very responsive support for your staff and residents.

Seamless TOPS Integration

Nabr Network’s integration with TOPS allows residents and managers seamless access to account information anytime, anywhere. Nabr Network provides a centralized and secure client portal area that displays payment history, account balance and non-compliance notices from TOPS. Residents will have the info they need at their fingertips—which means fewer phone calls and questions for managers. Plus, our integration with TOPS keeps your database synced with ours. Everyone you need to communicate with is in one place.

Don't be left behind; propel your communities’ communication like so many other management professionals already have!

Call Nabr Network today at 855-373-5722 or email, and visit us online at

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Partner Spotlight: Nabr Network

Each month, we host a webinar featuring one of our premier partners using the TOPS Connect API. The spotlight partner for June 2016 is Nabr Networks.

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Mobilized Communications
In this webinar with Nabr Network, you will be provided with the basic knowledge required for effective mobile communication in the homeowner industry.

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