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ARC Tracker

ARC Tracker is a product that simplifies and speeds the Architectural Review process by allowing requests to be:

  1. Submitted online
  2. Reviewed online
  3. Voted on online
  4. Stored online

In addition, ARC Tracker provides full support to all customers of its service, including homeowners. So property management companies can completely get out of the hassle of managing the Architectural Review process. ARC Tracker now integrates tightly with TOPS so when a request is submitted, updated, and approved or denied it is immediately reflected in the TOPS system. No more data entry. No more lost requests. No more irate customer calls.

In the absence of a desire by the TOPS client to assume the cost of the communities' subscription, ARC Tracker will work with their neighborhoods directly to demonstrate the advantages of the product and to sign them up with the ARC Tracker service. This would leave just the cost of the integration to be borne by the TOPS client.


Partner Spotlight: ARC Tracker

Each month, we host a webinar featuring one of our premier partners using the TOPS Connect API. The spotlight partner for August 2016 is ARC Tracker.

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