Partner Integrations

We know how important your relationships with your vendors are. Whether it's your bank, your payments processor, your website provider or another partner, you need a smooth flow of communication.

Your partners should be your choice. You shouldn't have to change partners because of your accounting software. With TOPS, work with the vendors you already have.

We believe that every management organization is different, and deserves a solution that uniquely fits their needs. 

It's why, when we set out to create TOPS [ONE] we decided to create a platform, not an app or a program.

Platform means we provide the foundation - the accounting. 


Everything stems from that, everything goes back to that. 

The platform provides a base on which any vendor can jump on and gain access to your accounting and owner data within TOPS [ONE]. (Provided you give them permission, of course.)

The magic that makes that happen is The TOPS [ONE] API.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Program Interface. Think of it as a dictionary containing all of the definitions to allow one program to communicate with any other program. Like a Rosetta Stone, for software.

Through the TOPS [ONE] API, your partners are able to gain access to all the key data points you track, like owner balances, contact information and the chart of accounts.

Connected throught the API, the partner can direct the flow of information, such as pulling information from TOPS [ONE] or pushing updates to TOPS [ONE].

The best part? This all happens completely seamlessly behind the scenes. No more saving and uploading files or managing sync programs for you.

We're rethinking our industry and how we serve it, and rebuilding our company to meet those needs.

Kris Beauchamp, Director of Product
TOPS Software

Complete Control

TOPS Clients: Browse the TOPS Connect App Store to activate and manage apps from TOPS and our premium partners.

You control which vendors are connected, and what communities' data they can gain access to. You can enable and disable communities and vendors at any time.

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