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The Vision

We believe the community is the heart of community association management. But there are many stakeholders who contribute to and need access to community information.

Until now, each of those stakeholders had their own software apps, which were unconnected. This leads to problems for the community and those very same stakeholders who need easy access to the information that matters to them.

Our Vision for TOPS [ONE] is to provide more than just an accounting or management application. TOPS [ONE] is a platform that serves all of the stakeholders of your community association. With TOPS [ONE], board members, homeowners, partners and your management team all have access to one centralized system.

Each of the features and plans on our roadmap are carefully weighed to determine how they contribute to our overall vision for TOPS [ONE].



Our Process

Our process begins with our customers. Using information gathered from account reviews, the in-app feedback tool, reports to our support team, and direct feature requests, our product team compiles all of the requests our customers have made for addition to TOPS [ONE].

Each request and piece of feedback is carefully weighed for the impact it will have on all clients, as well as how well it fits into our product vision.

Our product team builds specifications for each selected feature and adds those to our planning board to be wireframed by our UX team, and later assigned to a developer.

Each month we put out an update with all of the features, additions and fixes added in that development cycle.

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