Manage My Community

For community officers, it's all about the bottom line. Transparency in management and full accountability is critical.

Being a member of the board can be a heavy weight on your shoulders. Not only is there a lot of responsibility, but it also follows you home. Like when that one neighbor catches you off guard while you're grilling chicken to ask you about a new policy.

Welcome to the deep end of the pool.

Maybe you've hired a professional manager to help with the day to day operation of your community but at the end of the day, you and your fellow directors are responsible for every decision, every action taken. You need to know everything that goes down in your community.

You need to know the community documents backwards and forward, not to mention all the laws and procedures you are supposed to be familiar with. That can be hard, especially since you're not getting paid for this gig, and you've got your life to lead too.

TOPS [ONE] for Your Community

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All Your Data

From pet weights to parking spots to evacuation assignments to birth dates, you can track it all in TOPS [ONE]'s unlimited custom fields.

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Consistant Enforcement

No accusations of selective enforcement here! [ONE] will automatically let you know when it's time to take each step, like sending letters to homeowners.

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Limitless Communications

From letters to statements, all communications are created via MS Word templates. This gives unprecedented power to make beautiful documents for homeowners.

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Get Paid On Time

Customized collection actions will alert owners to log in to the convenient online portal to pay dues online, or submit payments to your community's bank lockbox.

Flexibility for Self-Managed Communities

Large communities have diverse needs. Perhaps you’re looking for an easy-to-use accounting system that’s designed exclusively for the Condo/HOA management industry. Maybe you need tools to enforce covenants and track owner communications. Maybe you want both. No matter what your unique situation is, TOPS gives you the flexibility to get the features a large community needs to save time and be more efficient. 

  • Send mass email communications to homeowners
  • Manage facilities like Swimming Pools and Tennis Courts
  • Create and assign work orders
  • Enforce covenants and track requests

Stay in the Loop

With TOPS [ONE] you have more exposure than ever before to the important information you need in order to make informed decisions on behalf of the community. From easy to understand financial reports to the owner access portal, you and your fellow members can enjoy full transparency of community information. And, because TOPS [ONE] is fully web-based, you can access your community whenever it's convenient for you - from work, from home, or even from your smart phone while you are out and about. With this level of access, you'll never be caught off guard again!

Beth Schloemer.png

It’s about building a neighborhood that people like to live in, people want to grow old in, and that people want to raise their kids in. TOPS gives us the time to really work with the people and not just the process of the community.

Beth Schloemer
Coventry Group Community Management

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