Automate My Accounting

CAM Accountants have a demanding schedule. Automation makes life a little easier.

CAM accountants have a lot to do every month. You've got to get the receipts in, process late fees, prepare collections, enter invoices, print checks and reconcile the accounts. And it all has to be done on schedule. Time is money, after all.

You Could Use a Little Help

Sometimes it feels like CAM Accountants don't get the respect they deserve. "Accounting is accounting, right? Anyone can do it." Wrong. As a CAM accountant, you are a professional with a very specialized skill set.

Understanding how accounting works for community associations, and being able to juggle all of the balls you do without dropping any is a major feat. You deserve a hand - or maybe two.

How TOPS [ONE] Streamlines Accounting

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Drill-Down General Ledger

From any report, activity or list, you can drill down deeper into the data to see batch details, transaction details, even payment history for an individual owner. No dead ends!

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Make Reports Your Own

Create reports that look and feel exactly the way you want. Group completed reports into packages so you can run monthly financials with the click of a button.

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Remove Transactions

Accidentally posted to the wrong owner? Confusion often stems from simple mistakes. 'Remove' hides transactions from reports! (They're still in the audit trail, though.)

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Audit Time = Easy Time

TOPS [ONE] gives you a full log of every activity in the system to enable auditors to track any suspect activity. Your auditors - and your clients - will thank you.

Making Accounting Lovable

The average TOPS client compares using TOPS to adding two additional staff members. Nowhere is this felt more keenly than in the accounting department.

  • Unified ledger system means no more balance sheet out of balance!
  • Integrated banking takes away tedious banking chores.
  • Owner access nearly eliminates the need to answer incoming balance and statement inquiries.

An Extra Set of Hands

TOPS [ONE] gives you a permanent extra set of hands in the form of accounting automation tools. With these additions, you can handle twice as many accounts as you could before, and process late fees on time. But there's more to it than that.

Fully Compliant

As an CAM accountant, you expect a higher standard from your accounting software, and rightly so! Whether it's an accrual or modified accrual accounting method, a fully customizable chart of accounts (with charge codes), unlimited funds, or GAAP standard reporting, you get it all with TOPS [ONE].

James Ernst, CPA

"It's very user friendly, and we enjoy it. It provides full accrual. It provides Fund Accounting format, which as a CPA firm we think that is very important."

James Ernst, CPA
James Ernst Accounting

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