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Redefine the way you manage Condos, HOAs and Co-Ops with the TOPS [ONE] integrated platform.


From accounting to management to communications, TOPS [ONE] brings your entire community management group together. All of these tools are backed by a powerful automation engine that makes community association management a breeze. The result?

Save time without sacrificing quality of service for your customers.

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TOPS [ONE] is designed exclusively for managing community associations. This industry specific focus gives you instant access to everything you need to know. Take the interactive tour below to see how you can quickly put your finger on anything you need to know in your association.

Click the gold dots on the TOPS [ONE] Property screen below to learn about key features built-in to TOPS [ONE].


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As an experienced accountant as well as management company owner, I would not want to manage an association without TOPS Software."

— Cindy Wickliffe, Capital Property Management

[ONE] in the Cloud

Anywhere Access

TOPS [ONE] is a fully web-based platform for community association management. Your data is stored in the cloud so you and your team can access it any time you want, anywhere you want, on any device you want.


With TOPS [ONE] you are never out of touch with your office and your business. In the middle of a meeting and need to answer an accounting question? Pull up TOPS [ONE] on your phone to get the answers quick - the full platform is on your phone; no limited interface or difficult to read screen sizes.


We understand how important the security of your client's data is to you. That's why TOPS [ONE]'s servers are protected by the latest in adaptive security firewall technology, and stored in a highly secured data center facility with fire, flood and theft protection. Additionally, our servers feature built-in disaster recovery with 99% guaranteed uptime.

modern design

Out with the old and in with the new! TOPS [ONE] features a modern interface, designed to make your day to day work experience enjoyable and efficient. See what a difference modern design makes in your day-to-day life with this product comparison: drag the slider to compare old versus new!


Keep your partners

What’s stopping you from integrating with your favorite vendors? Nothing. With TOPS [ONE] you won't need to switch banks, website providers or anything else. All industry vendors are invited to interface with TOPS [ONE] via our comprehensive application programming interface (API). Already, over 40 CAM industry partners securely integrate with TOPS [ONE].

"TOPS gives us the time to really work with the people and not just the process of the community... TOPS sells itself. And it sells us as well."

— Beth Schloemer, VP Coventry Group Community Management

industry specific

A lot of property management software is built for rental or commercial management first, and community association management is added after the fact. This leads to confusing field names and processes that need work arounds just to fit the way your business works. And don't even get us started on trying to do fund accounting in a rental property management package!

TOPS [ONE] is built specifically for the management of community associations, like Condos, HOAs and Co-ops. While we do support rentals, if you are looking for apartment rent roll and marketing features, you've come to the wrong place. With TOPS [ONE] we only do one thing, but we do it very well!

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TOPS Software is a company of amazing individuals. Together, we work as a team to develop, deliver and support Community Association Management tools that make thousands of organizations, like yours, run smoother and more efficiently.