TOPS [ONE] Features:




  • Completely Free Recurring ACH
  • Managed By the Resident
  • Mitigate Risk for Your Organization
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    Embedded Owner Payments

    HOA Online Payments

    TOPS Pay is the embedded payment service built into TOPS [ONE]. Engineered from the ground up to be safe and secure, TOPS [ONE] + TOPS Pay will make it easier than ever for your residents to opt-in for direct debit in the Owner Access portal!

    • Completely free recurring ACH Direct Debit for your residents, communities and management company
    • Empowers your staff to manage resident enrollment through the TOPS [ONE] application
    • Follows NACHA best practices to protect your organization from liability

    Choose Which Communities are Activated

    It you've already got payment options set up for some of the communities in your portfolio, no problem! Activate TOPS Pay only for those communities you want to give access. You can still provide them with the other features of Owner Access even if TOPS Pay is deactivated.


    Keep Homeowners In the Loop

    Your homeowners will be notified of every transaction completed through TOPS Pay.


    Give Your Homeowners Power Over Their Accounts

    With the Owner Access portal from TOPS [ONE], your homeowners can manage their online payments. Owners can turn off autopay at any time, even if they were manually enrolled.


    Activate ACH on Your Homeowners' Behalf

    If you have previously gained your homeowner written permission to charge assessments from their bank account automatically, you can set it up here.


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