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Properties & Owners

Track properties in your community, and a full history of the property, including previous owners and renters:

  • Quickly access open tickets, accounting info and more, right from the owner or property screens.
  • Use the search bar to find any account quickly by using search terms like phone numbers, account numbers, checks, and even partial text. Just start typing and navigate the whole system.
Property Solutions Software
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Powered By Google Maps

Every property has a Google Map embedded directly in it, along with a Google Street View of the location, Click the map icon to get directions any time.

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A Complete Property History

The resale wizard in TOPS [ONE] walks you step by step through the resale process. The previous owner remains attached to the property as a previous owner for a full account history of the property. (Save the property account history to the previous owner's account, or split it with the new owner by date.)

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Single Screen Access

View and access every single activity, ticket or account associated with a property. Simply click any link to drill down into the record for more information.

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