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General Ledger

Track your transactions and manage the big picture of your communities’ financial health in the General Ledger:

  • Fully customize your chart of accounts, with charge codes and unlimited funds.
  • Create one-off or recurring journal entries.
HOA General Ledger
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Chart of

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Drill Down Ledger

The chart of accounts in TOPS [ONE] is an interactive drill - down report. Start at the account level and dig in as deep as you want to go - even into individual line items in invoices!

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Manage Your Budgets

Create and manage your communities’ budgets in TOPS [ONE]. Budgets entered here will automatically be reflected in financial reports.

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Easier Auditing

When it comes to audit time, you're really going to love what TOPS [ONE] does for you - a full log of every activity lets auditors track any suspect activity. Your auditors - and your clients - will thank you.

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