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Homeowners don’t get a lot of exposure to the management company. The letters you send are one of the few points of contact they see regularly. So your letters really need to stand out.

That’s why TOPS [ONE] allows you to create your form letters in the most used word processor in the world, Microsoft Word. You gain all of the thousands of features Word has to offer, with a simple plugin that provides the merge codes from your TOPS [ONE] data.

HOA Communications
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Powerful Form Letter Templates

Letters and emails are an important part of your communications with Homeowners. That's why TOPS [ONE] uses MS Word to power letter templates. Simply set up your letter to look how you like it and insert merge codes from the TOPS [ONE] app.

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Mass Communications

Reach out to your homeowners via email with important news and announcements. Easily select a group of individuals, or send to everyone. TOPS [ONE] will even generate a letter for people who don't have an email address.

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Reduce Incoming Calls

Reduce calls with the Owner Portal where homeowners can log in and see a full history of their account. Allow homeowners to request information 24/7 and pay balances to avoid late fees, all at their convenience from any device.

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