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CC&R Deed Enforcement

Easily keep track of your portfolio in Communities:

  • Define actions for each violation based on your community's documents.
  • All violation letters tie automatically to the Owner Activity Feed for a full history of actions taken on this account.
  • All letters generated in PDF and attached via email if the owner has opted in.
  • Create your form letter templates in MS Word for the ultimate flexibility in letter design - You do anything Word can do!
CC&R Deed Enforcement
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Inspections are Faster than Ever

Set the default values for each violation code. When you're in the community adding violations on your phone, you'll be glad of all those defaults - just a few taps, take a picture, and get out of there before Gladys Kravitz comes out on her porch to tell you what the neighbors are doing wrong.

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Step By Step Enforcement Actions

With TOPS [ONE] violations management is super simple. It all comes down to the action table, which allows you to define what happens each step of the way, whether it's a courtesy letter or a fine or more.

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Custom Violation Letters

Using the power of Microsoft Word you may setup any variable text using merge codes and can apply branding in the template to make a more personal touch to an often uncomfortable reminder. Each action step may use a new template to increase the severity and authority in the messaging.

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