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Integrated Banking

TOPS [ONE] uses an innovative new method of tracking bank accounts, by acknowledging them as a holistic institution, instead of a series of individual accounts seen only in the context of a single community.

This new "Master Bank" interface gives you a global overview of all the accounts in your portfolio through a specific bank, and allows you to manage your banking relationship in addition to individual accounts.

Integrated Property Management Bank Account
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Crazy Easy Reconciliations

Reconciling bank accounts has never been easier with the simple reconciliation feature of TOPS [ONE]. Set your bank account balance, then just check the items that have cleared.

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Accept Owner Payments Online

Through Owner Access, your homeowners can access their account and pay their assessments online. If your bank is connected with TOPS, you can send payments directly there, or use our 3rd party payment processor. (Coming Soon!)

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Track and Share Bank Transaction History

View details on any banking transaction by drilling down into it, or filter and compile the activity into a PDF or email.

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