TOPS [ONE] Features:

Automated Workflows

The New CRM

  • Intuitive Search
  • Task Management
  • Responsive Workflow
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    A New Workflow 

    Automated Workflows

    We built automation into the core of TOPS [ONE]'s engine. That means nearly every single feature in the app includes automation options.

    Whether it's automatically sending reports to directors or scheduling late fees to run on the 5th of every month, you will find ways to streamline your business in TOPS [ONE].

    What Do You Want to Do?

    Comprehensive Reporting

    Reports in TOPS [ONE] feature drill-down functionality, and a full suite of customization options.

    The New CRM

    Keep everyone in the loop with activity tracking and communications history.

    A New Way to Work

    The activity feed guarantees you’ll always know what’s been done for every owner, property, and vendor, and who did what.

    Google-Like Search

    Simple and easy to use, the universal search in TOPS [ONE] changes the way you work. Not only can you search for information, such as a homeowner, account, vendor or check number, you can also search for navigational actions, such as "apply charges" or "prepaid assessments."

    A Better Kind of To-Do List

    Create tasks for yourself or other users on any homeowner, vendor, transaction, or ticket. Easily see deadlines, priority statuses, and notes for all tasks assigned to you from your task list on the home page.

    Updates When They're Ready

    Nobody wants to sit around and watch a blank screen while a major process is running. The Notifications panel in TOPS [ONE] allows you to submit a job (like a check batch or letter printing) and move on to something else. When the job is ready, a message will pop up in Notifications.

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    TOPS [ONE] Community Association Management software gives you all the time-saving tools you need to
    grow your business. TOPS [ONE] is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you.

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