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Being a one trick pony is fine if you're a spreadsheet application, or a word processor, or software that only does accounting.

The features integrated into TOPS ONE help you work more efficiently—across your entire spectrum of work, in one application. Take a journey through the key features baked into TOPS [ONE]. 

Portfolio Features

TOPS [ONE] begins with a quick snapshot of the entire portfolio of communities you manage. 

Management Executives love the insight into their bottom line, and CAM managers love the ability to quickly access key areas of the program.

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Accounting Features

TOPS [ONE] features a robust accounting engine that comes built-in with comprehensive automation and extensive customizability.

It's powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding accountant, and easy enough for someone with no accounting experience to use.

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Management Features

The management tools in TOPS [ONE] give CAM Managers the freedom to get out in the community and do their job without the need to return to the office to enter data into their software.

The secret to speedy inspections is in the setup. Every code has default data associated with it, even including the specific CC&R article. So managers can enter a complete ticket simply by selecting the location and the code and taking a picture.

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Automation Features

We built automation into the core of TOPS [ONE]'s engine. That means nearly every single feature in the app includes automation options.

Whether it's automatically sending reports to directors or scheduling late fees to run on the 5th of every month, you will find ways to streamline your business in TOPS [ONE].

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“I have been a property manager for 15 years and the software we were using was often challenging for us—it was geared more for apartments, not condominiums and HOA's... TOPS has made my job easier... as I said, ‘you GET us.’”

Karen A. Murphy, PMSD, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
The Case Bowen Company

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