CAM Profitability Conference Coordinates Schedule with TOPS User Conference

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on March 15, 2013


Best Practices for 21st Century Executives

This year, attend a seminar hosted by three industry leading companies: TOPS Software, Alliance Association Financial Services, and SouthData, Inc. These seminars are designed for executives of property management companies to learn about many of the "best practices" and technological advancements taking place that provide a positive impact on profitability and operating efficiencies.


To make it more convenient, this year, we've coordinated the CAM Profitability schedule with the TOPS User Conferences, so if you are planning to attend a TOPS User Conference in your area this year, plan to stay a second day and join some of the top communicators in the Community Association Industry as they show you how to increase your management company's profitability.

Upcoming Schedule:

  • May 15 - Falls Church, VA
  • May 16 - Laurel, MD
  • July 16 - San Francisco, CA
  • August 14 - Mt. Laurel, NJ
  • September 18 - Las Vegas, NV
  • October - Orlando, FL


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About the CAM Profitability Conference

Each year, together with other association management industry leaders, TOPS executives travel across the country, sharing their insight and experience to help community management executives increase their management organization's profitability.

This is not a thinly veiled opportunity to sell our products and services. In fact, the speakers make a pointed effort NOT to talk about our individual products and services. This is also not an expensive event designed to make money - fees for attendance barely cover the cost of lunch for each attendee.

What the CAM Profitability Conference is, is an opportunity for the speakers to share their experience and their personal success stories with others in the industry.

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