TOPS Professional 4.2 Released with New Form Letter, SouthData Signature Mail

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on June 28, 2013

TOPS Professional Version 4.2 Includes New Form Letter Fefatures


TOPS Software is pleased to announce the release of TOPS Professional version 4.2. This release includes a major update to the Form Letter program and incorporates the ability to send letters Certified and/or First Class using SouthData's SignatureMail.

With the new Form Letter release, TOPS has made vast improvements with performance and ease of use of managing Form Letters, and we've also given it a more modern and streamlined look and feel, similar to Enhanced Bills & Mailings.

With TOPS Form Letter, TOPS Customers can generate custom letters to send to homeowners, which can be used for mass mailings, collections processing, violations, architectural requests and more. Users can choose from hundreds of merge codes to automatically pull data into the letters, including contact information, financial information, violation status and much more!

The new Form Letter is designed with the new SignatureMail feature from SouthData built-in. This new functionality allows customers to send letters as certified mail, or first class with just a simple click of a button. Form Letter also supports the use of TOPS iMail to send letters via email.

 *Image Credit: Patrina Aquino via Flickr

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