TOPS Go! for iOS Coming Soon

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on November 7, 2012

 TOPS GO! is Being Made for iOS


Since early Summer 2012 TOPS has been actively working on TOPS Go! for Apple iOS. We know many of you love your iPads and iPhones, and shortly you'll be able to use TOPS Go! on those devices just like our Android users have. We've had to retool the design some to take advantage of the device architecture of Apples versus Androids which has lead to a different User Interface (UI) than Android. We think you'll really like it!

TOPS GO! is Being Made for iOS TOPS GO! is Being Made for iOS

TOPS Go! allows your team to remain connected to TOPS through their smart phone or tablet. So no matter where they are, they can access essential information and take action instantaneously. Go! allows you to:

  • Access all of the standard TOPS Management Modules
  • Start working from a picture - Use your device to take a photo and instantly create a record from the photo, or attach it to an existing record
  • Quick module search finds the records you need quickly
  • Get a map for property addresses and work order locations
  • View, open or create new records instantly from any owner screen
  • Add notes, images or updates to CC&R, Service Request or Work Order records
  • Easily administer users access, and view activity logs in TOPS Professional
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