TOPS Software and Sperlonga Data Integration Allows Community Association Assessments to be Reported to the Credit Bureaus

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on September 28, 2017

Clearwater, Florida, September 28, 2017 – TOPS Software, a leading provider of Condo and Homeowners Association software, and Sperlonga Data & Analytics, the leading data aggregation company for non-standard credit data sources, recently completed a software integration solution that will allow TOPS customers to connect with Sperlonga’s credit reporting platform and tie community assessment payments to a property owners credit report. This new service will reward property homeowners in community associations for making assessment payments on time, provide community association boards with a financial management tool that is utilized by banks and other creditors, and allow association management companies to optimize their client association’s financial resources.Sperlonga.png

An initial group of management companies and community associations from various parts of the country will participate in the September launch of assessment payment credit reporting for TOPS customers.  In October, the remaining queue of management companies and community associations that have already signed up for Sperlonga’s service and utilize TOPS Software, will start reporting their assessment payment history going forward to the credit bureaus. The integration allows the entire monthly reporting process to be fully automated for the client.  Management companies and community associations using the service do not have to engage in any manual labor to have assessment payments reported to the credit bureaus. 

Mike Hardy, president of TOPS Software, sees great value for community associations: “For years, the only option community associations have had to encourage delinquent owners to pay their delinquent assessments is a property lien. That’s like having your car repossessed for forgetting an insurance payment. With credit bureau reporting, community associations gain both an incentive and a new enforcement option. This increase in options can help improve relationships between the association and the homeowners, and provide a more socially acceptable method of dealing with delinquencies.”

“The vast majority of consumers know how important their credit score is and now more than ever consumers are looking for ways to enhance and maintain a high credit score,” said Matt Martin, chairman and founder of Sperlonga. “This integration partnership with TOPS Software will empower the association management companies that use TOPS Software with the capability to offer a value that has never been provided to property owners who live in community associations.”

As a special offer to TOPS Customers seeking to add this capability to their offerings, Sperlonga will waive the HOA setup fees for 2 years if a management company signs up for the service by the end of 2017. Call 844-652-4972 to sign up. Don't forget to mention that you are a TOPS client!

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Based in Santa Monica, California, Sperlonga is a data aggregation business for non-standard credit data sources such as HOA, rental, self-storage, and timeshare real estate developments. Sperlonga is an affiliate of Chronos Solutions, a national real estate solution services firm. Sperlonga was founded in 2011 to provide technology solutions to non-standard credit- data sources. The company focuses on delivering innovative solutions to reduce risk and provide professional real estate financial management tools to its customers and partners. Additional information is available at, or call 844-652-4972.