SFMC Realizes Savings in Excess of $100k with a Director of Strategy and Operations


As the Director of Strategy and Operations for SFMC, Inc., Lulu Rodriguez-King is responsible for analyzing the company’s systems and processes and identifying ways to improve the company’s efficiency to facilitate growth.

“We recognized that we needed to strategize and put processes in place so that we could continue to grow in a way that benefited our company and our clients,” said Lulu. “My job is to look at what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, and then figure out if there are ways we can improve how we operate.”

Lulu found that SFMC had great tools but was not using them to the extent that they could. “TOPS is part of almost everything we do,” she explained. “I spent the first four or five months assessing the software and our capabilities. We determined that the internal problems we encountered were not the software but our understanding of how to use it.”

In a new case study released by TOPS Software, Director of Strategy and Operations Lulu Rodriguez-King reveals how she was able to turn her observations on better using their existing tools into concrete savings for SFMC, Inc.

To download the case study, visit http://info.topssoft.com/sfmc-association-management.

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SFMC is an accredited association management company headquartered in Manassas, Virginia. To Learn more about SFMC, Inc, visit http://www.sfmcinc.com.

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 Image Credit: flickr user Austin Kirk