Partnership Update | TOPS & DuesPayment

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on October 31, 2017

Please read the following statement provided by DuesPayment regarding their relationship with FrontSteps, and acknowledging that this change does not affect their relationship with TOPS Software.

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You may have heard that DuesPayment, a service of YapStone, and FrontSteps (formerly known as AtHomeNet and AssociationVoice) are no longer working together. The good news is the partnership between YapStone and TOPS has not been affected. YapStone and TOPS have taken steps to ensure there’s no interruption to your payments or software functionality and no change to the way you collect online payments today!  Please see additional details below.

  • There will be no impact to your homeowners. Homeowners will have no interruption to their ability to pay through or any of our other payment channels. You can continue to post direct payment links on your community websites or your homeowners can log into to complete their payment. Recurring payments that are already set up will continue to process without interruption. In addition, homeowners will still be able to access our customer support team to help with any questions they might have.

  • There will be no impact to your property managers. Managers can continue to access to view our admin dashboard, run reports, order free marketing materials, and utilize all the other great tools we offer to manage your account.

  • There will be no impact to your management software. Homeowner payments will continue to post back to your TOPS software to seamlessly update the homeowner’s ledger and the data exchange between YapStone and TOPS will not be interrupted.

  • No need to go through a new onboarding process. Your homeowner and manager accounts will continue to function as they do today – no need to create new logins, add new payment methods, or learn a new system.

  • More features for [ONE] clients! For clients using TOPS [ONE] or considering moving to TOPS [ONE], YapStone and TOPS have exciting news coming soon that will make your homeowner and manager experience even better!

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to YapStone for any questions related to payments at or to TOPS for any questions related
to your software at

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