HOAst, Inc offers Online Voting Services for TOPS Clients

TOPS Software and HOAst, Inc. are pleased to announce a new partnership for systems integration between TOPS [ONE] and HOAst’s electronic voting software, myHOAst®Pro. 

This integration through the TOPS Connect API will eliminate the need for mutual clients to upload, update, and maintain entries in myHOAst®Pro electronic voting software. Every change to owner and voter information that is input to TOPS will be synced with HOAst on a daily basis - no double entry and no chance for human error.

Eileen McCrady, CEO of HOAst, Inc., says, “We pride ourselves on being on the forefront of electronic voting software for Condos, Homeowner Associations and other residential communities. We also believe in offering unparalleled customer service. This partnership with TOPS will help us create a unique, time-saving, and transformative experience for users of electronic voting software.’”

Mike Hardy, CEO of TOPS Software, says, "TOPS [ONE] is the system of record for the modern management company. By integrating with companies like ClickPay, we are able to provide clients with a robust and intuitive experience."


About TOPS Software

TOPS Software helps community association management professionals save time and effort in managing condominiums and homeowners associations. TOPS technology empowers management companies to focus on growing their business and delighting their clients while reducing their labor costs. Learn more about TOPS at http://www.topssoft.com.

About myHOAst® Software

HOAst, Inc. offers safe, easy to use, secure online software with features that make the work of the Condo, Apartment, Timeshare or Home Owner Associations easier and more efficient. HOAst is an industry leader in electronic voting. Learn more about HOAst at http://www.HOAst-Inc.com.

This release was originally published on PR Web.