Go Green, Save Green with TOPS iMail

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on November 15, 2011

Save Paper Using TOPS iMail

TOPS Software introduces a whole new way to manage communications in your TOPS Professional system: TOPS iMail. TOPS iMail is a green enhancement designed to streamline communications, maximize profits, conserve resources, lessen labor expenses and better serve homeowners.

TOPS iMail is...

  • Intelligent
    TOPS iMail delivers communications according to owner preferences
  • Internet
    TOPS iMail takes your messaging online to conserve resources
  • Instantaneous
    TOPS iMail gets your message to the owner in a matter of seconds
  • Integrated
    TOPS iMail is fully integrated into all TOPS generated communications
  • Income-producing
    TOPS iMail keeps track of all communications for billing and tracking

How to get started?

TOPS iMail is offered in four tiers of service: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum (based on the volume of email you anticipate using monthly). If you're using the new TOPS Professional 4.0, you can activate TOPS iMail from the new Communications menu. Once you activate your TOPS iMail account, you immediately have access to TOPS’ world-class email servers. These are dedicated email servers designed to quickly and securely get your communications to homeowners.


TOPS iMail Security Features:

  • Managed Security
  • Dedicated servers
  • One-way Email
  • Enterprise Class equipment
  • 24x7 Monitoring

What else do you need to know?

Once you activate TOPS iMail you have the ability to add expanded email contact information for all of your homeowners and vendors. In addition you will be able to identify which homeowners and vendors have opted in for email communications. You can further personalize this with the homeowner's and vendor’s preferences. Through preferences, you can even further specify what types of communications they would receive via mail (such as collection letters, violation letters, and statements) and what they will receive electronically.*

When initiating communications, TOPS iMail will intelligently send notices, collection letters, violation letters, and general communications to owners based on their preferences. In the process of sending messages, you can designate which communications are billable to the community. This makes recouping administrative expenses easy. Every outbound communication in TOPS iMail is also stored in the new communication roster, which can be sorted, configured, and exported on a per user basis. This added feature makes getting custom views and reports easy.


iMail Plans:

  • Basic - FREE! 250 emails per month, 100kb attachment size, 20MB bandwidth per month.   
  • Silver - $49/month, 5,000 emails per month, 100kb attachment size, 1GB bandwidth per month.
  • Gold - $99/month, 25,000 emails per month, 100kb attachment size, 2.5GB bandwidth per month.   
  • Platinum - $199/month, 100,000 emails per month, 100kb attachment size, 5GB bandwidth per month.

For more information on TOPS iMail or to see it in action,
please contact TOPS Sales – Sales@topssoft.com or 800-760-9966.


 *Image credit: Kazuend via Flickr

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