First Looks:  TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal

Posted by Meigan Montoya on January 16, 2017

TOPS Owner Access Portal

Building the Future

TOPS Software's web-based Community Association Management application, TOPS [ONE], is designed to help management companies stay competitive through customer relationship management, efficiency, automation, integration, mobile readiness, and more. In this exclusive, first-of-its-kind blogpost, TOPS Software brings you a "First Look" into an integral feature in the TOPS [ONE] software:  the Owner Access Portal.

The Rundown

The Owner Access Portal allows community management companies to provide their homeowners with quick access to their most frequently requested account information, such as current balance, account history, open rule violation tickets, open work orders, and the ability to make assessment payments online. The inbox-style interface starts with the most important information first, making it easily understandable. This allows homeowners to get in and pay their assessment or answer the question they came for, and get out.

Multi-device Usability

Whether it’s a tablet, phone, or desktop, TOPS [ONE] Owner Access adapts. This means that no matter what device your homeowners choose, it WILL work. This makes checking balances, paying dues, and keeping up with communications easy. The easier the system is, the more likely residents are to use it again and again.


Profile Personalization

Owner Access Protal Profile Personalization

Management companies will have the ability to 'white label' your Owner Access Portal. Personalize your company branding so that homeowners see your management company name whenever they log in. This builds your brand recognition and ties community members closer to your management company.

This personalization process includes:

  • Add your Logo
  • Choose a site color theme
  • Set permissions per community
  • Build your own custom domain address
  • Email homeowners to grant access


Owner Account History

Owner Access Protal Owner Account History

The Owner Access Portal gives homeowners an easy, single-screen view of their account information. This is one of the most important features, because it works hardest to reduce excessive phone calls. Concerned homeowners frequently call looking for important account information.

This can include:

  • past or future transactions
  • open and closed ticket information
  • payment status
  • current balance

This tool integrates all of that into each homeowner's account, giving them accessible, digestable content and information about all of their most pressing concerns in one location.


homeowner Online Payments 

Owner Access Portal Homeowner Online Payments

Using the Owner Access Portal, homeowners can easily pay assessments online through industry payment processing partner, Paylease. For a simple fee of $.50, homeowners can pay assessments or past-due balances in less than a minute, as long as they have not been referred to an attorney for collections (if they have, a hold payment flag may be placed on the owner's account in TOPS [ONE] to prevent payments from being accepted online).


Online Payment Processing

Owner Access Portal Online Payment Processing

Processing online payments from the TOPS [ONE] Owner Access Portal is as simple as 1-2-3 for your management team! This functionality replaces old-style ACH processing, in a modern, secure manner which protects your company and your clients. For more information about ACH processing in TOPS [ONE], check out our blog post Let's Talk ACH Processing in TOPS [ONE].

Available Now

At the end of the day, the purpose of the Owner Access Portal (and of course, TOPS [ONE] as a whole) is to make your job, and the lives of your homeowners, easier. These features will be available for TOPS [ONE] users today, at no additional cost. A direct link can be added to your existing website, social media page, or given directly to residents to make implementation easy too.

For more details, download the Owner Access starter kit, or schedule a demo today!

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