Bono & Associates saves $10,000 in labor costs and increases 1st quarter revenue by $50,000 with a rapid conversion to TOPS

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on May 5, 2015


Mike Bono likes to plan ahead. Knowing that he was going to be starting a new Community Association Management company in Central Florida, he planned all of the details in advance to ensure that his new company would be able to turn a profit from day one. He had 4 clients lined up and ready to go, but he needed to make sure that he would be able to provide the promised level of quality service right from the start.

“We realized we had to convert about 3,000 homes between Christmas and New Years. It becomes a tremendous problem to work effectively without all of the history. The need to have a very successful conversion outweighed other considerations. The key thing was the short conversion window and the ability to bring over the history. We looked long and hard at other solutions; but TOPS was definitely the right call. We picked up the files from four clients on December 22nd. January 1st we had 3,000 accounts up and running – one hundred percent – with all of the history. There were absolutely zero glitches.”
- Mike Bono, President, Bono & Associates

In a new case study released by TOPS Software, Mike Bono shares the challenges of rapid deployment and how he was able to overcome them with the help of the TOPS Data Conversion team and the ease of deployment to TOPS. In addition to incredible savings on data conversion and increased profits due to rapid deployment, Mike also shares the benefits of Community Association Management in the cloud.

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