Automation Tools give Towers Property Management Time to Provide “Personal Touch”

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on July 8, 2014

Towers Property Management of Orlando, FL found a solid, scalable management solution in TOPS Professional. Not only has their choice been a factor in their growth (along with aggressive social media engagement), it has also given them the freedom to focus their efforts on providing that personal touch to all of their association clients. Their story is detailed in the newest case study from TOPS Software.

Ben Isip knew when he started Towers Property Management in 2005 that he wanted to create a management company focused on providing a personal touch to his clients. “We feel that every association deserves to be able to reach their manager easily, get responses to emails, and see a manager out on property inspection.”

In a new case study released by TOPS Software, Isip shares the story of the company’s growth, how they incorporated automation tools from TOPS to further increase efficiency, and how his implementation of social media engagement has helped to provide relevance to homeowners in the associations they manage, as well as helping to net new business for the company.

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