6 things you don't know about TOPS Support

Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on January 24, 2014

The TOPS Support Team Is Full of Superheros


Nobody wants to have to call support. Calling support means admitting you have a problem, and waiting on the phone to get the answers you seek. But when you do have to call support, it helps to have a friendly, knowledgeable person on the other end - someone who can empathize with what you're going through and help you to solve your problems and get back up and running again as quickly as possible. Our support team strives to be exactly that.

At TOPS, our support team are among the hardest working and friendly members of our company. They are secret superheroes, hiding their capes in a drawer in their desks, ready to pull them out at the slightest provocation of someone in need of rescue. Don't believe me? Here are a few things I am willing to bet you don't already know about TOPS support:

    TOPS Support Monitor

  1. Being on hold is not a black hole.
    The Support Monitor reads directly from our phone systems and shows how many people are holding for support, average wait times, etc. This monitor is publicly displayed in the support area, so that every technician and every employee passing by can see how many people are waiting on the phone, and a few other key details. On our busiest day this month, our support team took in over 400 calls! (The support monitor is pictured right, above support technician Beau, hard at work.)
  2. Clients on premium support experience MUCH shorter wait times.
    Did you know we had two options for support? If not, now is a great time to talk to your Account Representative about upgrading your support contract to premium. Premium clients get priority in the queue, and are guaranteed a maximum response time of 45 minutes. On average, this wait time is FAR shorter. (Today, the average wait time for a client on pemium support was 6minutes, 59 seconds, compared to an average wait time of 40 minutes, 44 seconds for clients on a standard support contract.)
  3. Call Back in Queue allows you to hang up and get a call back later.
    When you dial our support line, listen to the options on the automated message. One option you can choose is to have the system save your place for you and then give you a call back when a support tech is available. This is a great option if you cannot afford to sit around on hold and wait. Your call is given equal importance as a caller holding.
  4. Not every support tech is in the Support Queue.
    The queue is our first line of defense for support. The techs waiting for calls in the queue are given 15 minutes to solve the customer's problem. If the tech cannot solve your problem within that timeline, the ticket gets escalated to the next level support reps, to free up the original tech to answer another customer's call. Only the 2nd and 3rd tier technicians make outgoing calls to customers to figure out their issues and help resolve them. The average lifespan of an escalated ticket is approximately one and a half days.
  5. Support hours go until 5pm PST (or longer!) Monday through Thursdays.
    Our support team staggers their hours so that we have staff available to help you 3 hours after other East Coast companies have closed their doors. Not only that, but when the call volume is high (like right now!), a number of our techs voluntarily stay late to answer those calls. Even though they are only obligated to stay until 5 PST, they have been known to stay as long as they are needed. See what I mean? Superheroes!
  6. The Customer Care Center is always available.
    The TOPS Customer Care Center (http://customercare.topssoft.com) is an excellent resource for support. The CCC is available 24/7. There are many resources for help here, from the full line of user manuals you can download, to the searchable help wiki, to the ever popular Customer Portal. which allows you to log on and view the status of your support tickets, and add comments, or even create new ones. If you've got a problem you've had in the past, this is a good way to find a solution without talking to a tech - simply look through your ticket history and read the solution that the tech gave you the last time you had the same problem.

So the next time you are on hold for support, take a deep breath, enjoy the music, and rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to get to you as quickly as possible, and we've got our capes right here in this side drawer...just in case.


*Image Credit: Nikolay Miroshnichenko via flickr

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