Train Your Brain at CAMfire 2018

    Posted by Meigan Montoya on November 10, 2017

    If the names Ron White, Brain Athlete or Brain Games sound a little familiar to you, but you can't quite place where you know them from, you're in luck! Ron White (of Brain Games, and founder of Brain Athlete) is a master mnemonist, which means he is a memory expert who can (and will) memorize the names of up to 200 attendees of his Keynote speech at CAMfire. And after, he'll teach you how to train your brain to do the same, and more!

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    Ron White, our featured Keynote speaker for CAMfire 2018, is a two-time USA Memory champion who has made appearances on shows like Stan Lee's Super Humans, Martha Stewart Show, and Good Morning America. His website describes him as an "average-brained guy" who "just so happens to have trained his brain" to perform impressive tasks. 

    But there's more to his tricks that just impressing keynote attendees or party guests. Imagine being able to remember the name of every person you meet at CAMfire, without having to play a game of "Guess Who?" with the metric ton of business cards you collect. Or imagine walking onto pitch meeting with a new board and being able to easily remember their names and salient details about them. They may be so impressed they give you the contract on the spot!

    All of these things are possible according to Ron White. He promises that everyone at CAMfire who attends "Brain Athlete (Triple Your Memory, Triple Your Business)" will walk away with the skills to:

    • Triple their memory
    • Build confidence by giving speeches without notes
    • Learn anything faster and easier by retaining more
    • Reduce costs and time spent training by remembering what you learn the first time
    • Learn foreign languages in a flash
    • Memorize chapters of books to have the maximum knowledge on a subject between your ears
    • Reduce the stress and anxiety of test taking or learning a new skill

    See for yourself what Ron White and his "average brain" will help you expand your memory, and be sure to sign up for his Keynote on Sched!

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