TOPS User Conference Live Blog: Q&A Session

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on October 22, 2013

    TOPS User Conference Live Blog: Q&A Session

    Q. Can you email Owners Statements? What about online payments
    A. Yes, In the new Enhanced Bills interface. If you accept online payments, edit the layout and add the web address URL where they can go to pay their bills to the layout.

    Q. Is there a way to handle recurring fines on violations?
    A. In CC&R, set up a letter with at least one merge code, such as date or owner balance. Also add an action step to the bottom of the general table. (instead of having to do it daily, do it weekly, for example a $7 charge for a dollar a day.) Finally, go to CC&R violation actions, click Letters, click the down arrow on action letter to filter the display down to only show owners that are in that action step. Simply print letters from there (to PDF is fine) and update records to apply that fine to every homeowner to which it applies.

    Q. How do I reprint a deposit slip once a payment has been posted (repost a batch deposit report).
    A. Short answer, you cannot. Whenever you do a posting for a manual cash batch or a lockbox file, I highly recommend that you print it to file, so that you have a local version of the batch and then you can reprint at any time using the reprint filed reports.

    Q. Is there a way to set up backups (for Internet Backup Service) to only keep one copy of the file, not every one cumulatively?
    A. Schemes are defined to be self-maintaining, so if you select one of the pre-defined schemes, it will automatically replace files as a new one becomes available. If you choose to create a custom theme, you need to uncheck the 'permanent files' option. If you are not backing up up your data START NOW. You don't have to use TOPS Internet Backup, but you need to use SOMETHING...

    Q. How do the backup schemes work on the Hosted system?
    A. TOPS Hosted (iQ) uses a rolling 7 day backup, which is automatically available (for free) for all customers. It may take up to 24 hours to restore. TOPS Backup Service DOES work with the hosted system, so you can always supplement the free backups with your own.

    Q. We transitioned to a new server, but it did not completely restore all of our community data. What is the procedure to perform a complete restoration of data?
    A. If you are not using the TOPS Internet Backup Service there may have been corruption. It is hard to say without knowing the specific situation. We recommend that you call support whenever you plan to move servers. We will be happy to walk you through getting everything working the way you like. We also STRONGLY recommend that you test your backups!

    Q. Can I add a hyperlink into a header or footer on a form letter and have it be clickable in the resulting PDF file that is attached to the owner record?
    A. Yes. In the Enhanced Form Letter program, you can open your form letter DOC file in MS Word and add special formatting like hyperlinks. Simply add the working hyperlink in Word, save the file, and proceed as normal. The hyperlink will be clickable in the attached PDFs made from that form letter.


    *image credit: Raymond Bryson 

    *Image Credit: Véronique Debord-Lazaro via flickr