TOPS Training June

    Posted by Maria Reyes on June 3, 2019

    Join us as members from our Implementation and Customer Success team meet every Wednesday (2:30-3:30pm EST) & Thursday (1-2pm EST) for our weekly webinars.  

    Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

    Missed a session? No problem. Click the registration link to re-watch any webinars that have already been recorded.


    June Training Webinars:


    TOPS [ONE] Setting Up a New Community

    Lesson 1: Using the Community Setup Wizard

    Wednesday, June 5th @ 2:30PM EST

    Join our TOPS veteran, Eve Dubose, in her 4 part series on setting up a new community in TOPS [ONE]. For the first part, she will be going over the Community Setup wizard. The wizard is a simple tool that will walk you through laying out the foundation for your new community. 

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    TOPS [ONE] Office Hours: Creating Custom Portfolio Reports

    Thursday, June 6th @ 1PM EST

    In the last Office Hours session, Custom Fields: Best Practices, our Customer Success team went over how and where to use Custom Fields. This week, they will go over how to create Custom Portfolio reports using custom fields. Custom reports can be used to create a report on most information found on the owner's page (including renters, and previous owners), and the property page. 

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    TOPS [ONE] Setting Up a New Community

    Lesson 2: Adding & Editing your Accounts Receivable Codes

    Wednesday, June 12th @ 2:30PM EST

    Part two! Eve is continuing her 4 part series on setting up a new community.  Before charges or collections can be run, before payments from owners can be received, the AR codes must be set up. This session will go over how to add, set up, and edit your accounts receivable codes. Once that's done, you can start collecting some money! 

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    TOPS [ONE] Office Hours: Using Templates to Save Time

    Thursday, June 13th @ 1PM EST

    Learn how to use merge codes to produce multiple letters that make each letter look like it was individually prepared. 

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    TOPS [ONE] Setting Up a New Community

    Lesson 3: Adding & Editing Management Codes

    Wednesday, June 19th @ 2:30PM EST

    Part 3 of the 4 part series for "Setting Up a New Community" will go over the management codes in TOPS [ONE]. Management codes are used for CCR's and Work Orders. This webinar will go over how to add, edit, and manage the codes, and the action table for your community. 

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    TOPS [ONE] Setting Up a New Community

    Lesson 4: Adding Vendors and Banks

    Wednesday, June 26th @ 2:30PM EST

    On the 4th and final part of her webinar series, Eve will go over adding vendors and banks into your system. Adding AP Vendors is necessary if bills want to be tracked in [ONE]. She will also go over how to add additional banks. 

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