TOPS Training January 2019

    Posted by Maria Reyes on January 2, 2019

    TOPS offers software training webinars every month. These webinars run every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm EST.

    Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

    January Training Webinars:


     TOPS iQ: Work Orders- Wednesday, Jan. 02 @ 1PM EST

    Meet our Professional Services Consultant, Deborah White, on Wednesday, January 2nd for her webinar on Work Orders. 

    This course is designed to help you set up and manage the Work Order module to be used as efficiently as possible. When completed, you should be able to add service request and work orders, track costs, invoice the homeowner, and define the standard process of managing work orders and/or service request for your organization or community.

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    TOPS [ONE]: Setup and Maintaining Owner Access Logins - Wednesday, Jan. 09 @ 1PM EST

    Join Drew Hofmann, on Wednesday Jan. 09th, as he goes over our Owner Portal feature!  

    This course outlines the basic options that can be offered to owners in the Owner Access portal set up. We’ll also review emailing user invitations and ongoing owner access management processes.

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    TOPS [ONE]: Adding Board Member Access - Wednesday, Jan. 16 @ 1PM EST

    Join our trainer, Eve DuBose, on Wednesday, Jan. 16th and get ready to learn how you can give TOPS [ONE] access to your Board Members. 

    Interested in offering limited access to your TOPS [ONE] communities to you Board Members? If so, this course is for you! Learn the step by step process to set up a Board Member Access Role with limited permissions to reporting, owners, accounts payable, or what access you wish to allow to your Board Members.

    (Note, this option uses existing login and module permissions options currently available in TOPS [ONE]. )

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    TOPS [ONE]: Creating Report Packages
     - Wednesday, Jan. 23 @ 1PM EST

    On Wednesday, Jan. 23rd, Alec Patterson will walk you through creating and using out report packages feature. 

    A report package is a great way to run multiple reports and group them into one PDF report for ease of distribution to board members. Learn how to simplify monthly reporting in TOPS[ONE] by creating Report Packages.

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    TOPS Professional: Processing Collections
     - Wednesday, Jan. 30 @ 1PM EST

    Join Deborah White on Wednesday, Jan. 30th and she'll go over how to setup and process collections. 

    Managing homeowner delinquencies is an ongoing concern for Management Companies. TOPS can help you with the process. Let us show you how! This course shows you how to setup late fees, calculate interest charges and reviews the Accounts Receivable Collection module tools available in the TOPS program to help you design and setup your collection process.

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