TOPS Training August

    Posted by Maria Reyes on July 30, 2019

    Join us as members from our Implementation and Customer Success team meet every Wednesday (2-3pm EST) & Thursday (1-2pm EST) for our weekly webinars.  

    Every client is eligible to sign up for training webinars. There is no limit to how many you can attend, or how many people from your office can join.

    Missed a session? No problem. Click the registration link to re-watch any webinars that have already been recorded.


    August Training Webinars:


    Office Hours: Service Request & Work Order Management

    Thursday, August 1st @ 1pm EST

    Join our TOPS veteran, Eve Dubose, as she goes over the ins and outs of using the Service Request and Work Order feature in TOPS [ONE]. She will go over how to create, edit, and manage new and existing records for your community. Click below to enroll today!

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    TOPS [ONE] - Managing Vendors in TOPS [ONE]

    Wednesday, August 7th @ 2PM EST

    Join Andrew Hoffman as he reviews how to manage Vendors in TOPS [ONE]. This webinar will give you an understanding on adding vendors, keeping track of insurance info , reporting, and processing 1099's. 

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    Office Hours: Setting up your User Roles & Permissions

    Thursday, August 8th @ 1PM EST

    Sign up and meet with our CS Rep, Karin Hallock, to learn how to successfully set roles for your instance. Roles can be used to define what a user can and cannot do using permissions. Don't miss out and enroll today!

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    TOPS [ONE] - Starting the Budget Process for 2020

    Wednesday, August 14th @ 2PM EST

    No need to stress about budgets for next year! Our Implementations coordinator, Deb White. is here to get you and your team ready for 2020. Preparing a yearly budget is a time-consuming process.    This session will walk you through starting the budget process in TOPS [ONE]

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    Office Hours: Best Practices for Managing Collections

    Thursday, August 15th @ 1PM EST

    This Thursday, our Customer Success manager, Andrea Hardy, will go over the collections module in TOPS [ONE]. If you find yourself struggling to stay ahead of your collections, join us to learn best practices for setting up and easily managing collections for your communities! 

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    TOPS [ONE] - Closing out a Fiscal Year in TOPS [ONE]

    Wednesday, August 21st @ 2PM EST

    Join our long time team member, Alec Patterson, on Wednesday as he helps you get ready to close 2020. He'll go over the necessary steps to close the year for the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable & Payable module. 

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    Office Hours: Using Digital Signatures in [ONE]

    Thursday, August 22nd @ 1PM EST

    Enroll for our Thursday webinar hosted by, Valerie Kinyon! This week, she'll go over how to utilize the Digital Signature portion of TOPS [ONE]. Digital Signatures help save time on sending checks by not having to wait for a signature. The Digital Signature feature allows you to import or add signatures to your bank accounts.

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    TOPS [ONE] - Customizing AP Check Templates

    Wednesday, August 28th @ 2PM EST

    Join Deb White as she goes over Check Templates in TOPS [ONE]. Learn how to modify TOPS sample AP Check Templates to work with your new or existing check stock.

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    Office Hours: Navigating the Activity Feeds in TOPS [ONE]

    Thursday, August 29th @ 1PM EST

    Join Amanda Sanchez for the final webinar of the month to learn about the Activity Feed in TOPS [ONE]. Learn all the cool ways you can use the Activity Feeds in TOPS [ONE] to stay on top of your community management!

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