TOPS Professional Release 4.02-1308

    Posted by Andrea Drennen, CMCA on August 23, 2013

    TOPS General

    A new version of the Notifications Popup has been implemented in TOPS Professional. The popup reads an online 'blog' which will display each new announcement one time. Once the message has displayed, it will not display to the user again. This replaces the previous behavior of this program which would cause each successive message popup to be displayed continuously until the user selected the 'Don’t display this message again'.

    TOPS Go! for iOS

    General Features

    • TOPS Go for iOS now has the ability to create a record from a photograph, in keeping with the matching feature on the Android version. Look for the camera icon at the bottom of the main menu navigation.
    • Taking a photo for an existing record that has a photo adds the new photo as an attachment. If the existing record does not have a photo, the new photo becomes the thumbnail on the record as well as an attachment.
    • Commuity ID has been added to every screen to provide more context about where you are adding a new work order or editing a vendor, etc.
    • The Refresh and Sort icons now display in the following modules: Owners, CCR, Work Order, Service Request, and Visitors.
    • The following sort order options are now available in all modules: Account #, Lot/Unit #, Owner Name, Address #.
    • Closing records via Swipe (lock icon) and from the Edit screen now both consistently mark the record as Closed and also pull the Closed Date into the field when syncing. Closed Date displays both in TOPS and on the Device. (Work Order and CC&R).
    • The CCR List, Work Order List and Service Request List now display a green "Open" indicator and a red "Closed" indicator as well as an indicator if an attachment or photo is associated with that record.
    • Close date is now displayed in a human interpret-able date format (MM/DD/YYYY). (Work Order and CC&R)

    Global Search

    • Global search is now able to search by Vendor Name, Vendor ID, and / or Vendor Type. Search type is set to 'contains', meaning any part of the vendor data can be searched and found.
    • Global Search can now search by Date of Birth from the Pool Pass module in the following allowed date formats: MM-DD-YY, MM/DD/YYY, MM-DD-YYYY, MM/DD/YYYY and YYYY.


    • Owner > Selected Owner: A number indicator now displays next to the phone number and email fields if more than one value exists for either either field. Home is currently set to the main number and others are available by tapping the field.
    • Corrected an issue causing the program to close and request a user password if an owner containing incomplete data (missing phone or email) was selected.

    Work Order

    • Work Order and Service Request now includes a new "Job Location" field. This field allows the user to select one of three options: Property, Custom, None.
      • The Property option selects from the homeowner listing. Custom allows a free-form text entry for Common Ground areas. None allows the Work Order or Service Request to be saved without selecting a location.
    • A counter has been added to Work Order & Service Request fields: Summary Description & Special Instructions that displays the remaining text characters that may be entered into the field.
    • Data entered into the Special Instructions field will now correctly display on the Work Order Detail > Edit screen, even if the user navigates to another module and then returns to the record.
    • The Return () button on the iOS keyboard for Summary Description and Special Instructions fields in Work Order and Service Request now closes the keyboard rather than attempting to enter an illegal line feed.


    • Now able to add a Work Order and Save without having to select a Vendor; Vendor is not a required field to save.
    • When entering a code that has defaults set up in TOPS, the default values are being populated in the iOS for each of the respective fields: summary description, detailed description, and action to resolve violation. These fields must be set up in TOPS in order to work properly on the device.
    • When adding a new CCR Record, the Record Type now defaults to Violation.
    • Now able to add a Work Order and Save without having to select a Vendor; Vendor is not a required field to save.
    • CCR > Selected Record >The Last Action and Next Action fields are now displaying correctly on the iOS after sync.

    Enhanced Form Letter

    • User activity for Form Letter is now being logged under Admin -> View Logs.
    • Changed Merge Code < > to allow for dashes in the owner property account field. (dashed values were being interpreted as dates).
    • When editing a Form Letter, File > Letter Settings > 'Restrict Emailing This Letter' will prevent the letter from being sent via email. If the user attempts to generate a letter with this restriction using the delivery methods Email or Print and Email, the following message will be displayed: ""This letter is restriced from emailing. Please select a different delivery method."" Selecting OK on this prompt will cause the delivery method to be changed back to the default value defined in the letter, so the user does not need to generate the letters all over again with a new delivery method.
    • When "Restrict emailing this Letter" is set on a letter, choosing the delivery method of "Certified Mail + First Class" will no longer display a printer dialogue box.
    • Delivery Type "USPS Standard Mail" for SmartConnect does not get a Receipt number downloaded from SouthData. The program will no longer attempt to look for a receipt with this mail type.
    • Collection letters using any of the SouthData Delivery Method options: If the margins do not meet SouthData minimum requirements, when the Process option is selected, a warning message will display that includes a description of the letters that cannot be processed due to margin size. The user must change the margins before processing can occur. If the margins meet SouthData margin requirements, no warning will appear and the letters can be processed.
    • Communications > Configure Mail Service > View History. If open items waiting to be processed by SouthData exceed the height of the dialogue box, the scroll bar will no longer display off the edge of the screen.
    • The issue where duplicate letters were not printing out for an owner with alternate addresses has been fixed. Now, when user says Yes to the prompt to print letters for alternate addresses with any of the SouthData options (certified mail, cert +first class, and first class mail), letters are generated for all 3 addresses (if they exist in the Owner record) in the following order: alt 1, property address, and alt address 2
    • After making changes to a letter, clicking the red X icon in the top right of the letter will prompt the user to save changes and, upon the user selecting 'Yes', will save changes to the letter and close the program.
    • The TOPS message "There is No Row at Position 0" was generated because a Merge Code in the letter was looking for the related data in the Community Fact Sheet. Since the Community Fact Sheet did not have the information filled in, this message was generated. No TOPS messages will appear now, and the Form Letter will be correctly generated. However, if a merge code's related data is blank, then the form letter will contain a blank.
    • When a merge code is in the first position in a form letter and you make any changes (delete, backspace or add characters), the merge code in the first position does not get deleted.
    • When generating a Form Letter that has more than one address that it needs to be sent to, the "Index Was Out of Range" error will no longer appear. The letter is generated for the correct amount of addresses according to the Homeowner's setup.
    • When printing a CCR letter that has a merge code that contains CCR # Days Level 1- 10, levels will correctly be interpreted by the program.
    • Fines are now correctly being charged to homeowners when letters containing an associated fine are processed.
    • When printing from AR Collections, a generic error message was being generated due to one of the letters that were being processed having at least 1 CCR merge code. Now, if a letter has any CCR merge codes, the following message will display when collections is trying to process: "One of your collection letters contains one or more CC&R merge codes. This letter CANNOT be printed through collections. Please review the collection table for correct letter assignment and/ or Form Letters for CC&R merge codes. Form Letter processiong will now close and no letters will be processed."


    • Resolved a "path not found" issue that occurred for customers using UNC mapping for TOPS data paths that contain more than 50 characters. The number of characters allowed in the data path has been increased to 100 to allow for longer data path names.

    TOPS Community Web Sites

    • Owners may now choose to 'Opt-Out' of email communications generated by TOPS without needing to contact the manager by removing all email addresses from their profile on the TOPS Community Website. This will automatically change their Opt-In setting to false on the next website sync. The Log file (Admin > View Logs) in TOPS will be updated automatically to reflect this change.
    • Corrected a 'divide by zero' error that occurred when a user attempted to access files in any way during the course of a Community Website data upload.
    • Owner Passwords using the "random" scheme in TOPS will no longer exceed 8 characters in length, causing them to be truncated in the website itself and reflect incorrectly in the Form Letter merge code.