Exciting News For TOPS Professional Users: Themes Are Back!

    Posted by Rachel Fox on May 24, 2018

    Did you know that two-thirds of our clients use TOPS Professional or TOPS IQ?

    So when we found out that some of our clients were under the impression we were discontinuing support for TOPS Professional at the end of this year, we knew we had to set the record straight. We absolutely are not discontinuing support for TOPS Professional in the foreseeable future.

    We have no plans of sunsetting TOPS Professional, let alone by the end of this year, because while we stand firmly behind the strength of our web-based product, TOPS [ONE], we also know how critical TOPS Professional is for much of our clientele. Every successful business needs a reliable software that will work for them, and for more than thirty years, TOPS Professional has been doing just that.

    To thank you for your dedication to TOPS, and to prove our sincerity, we have a little something to show that Pro is here to stay: we’ve brought back themes!

    Re-introducing the TOPS Professional Theme Store: with an easy to navigate interface and themes organized by categories that simplify finding the perfect fit for your desktop, the Themes Store is your one-stop shop for ramping up the personality in your software.

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    Themes are back in full force for TOPS Professional users! With over 130 to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one to add just a little bit of your own pizzazz to your product! 

    Celebrate every holiday in style with themes that include multiple Halloween variations, New Year's Eve, and enough winter themes to bring a little cold to even the sunniest of locales. If you want to bring a little warmth into your day, we've got the beach, picnics, and hiking themes. Or, keep up your team spirit 365 days a year with one of our many NFL themes!

    Plus, there are plenty of location-based themes, so a mini vacation or a window peeking in to your favorite place is only a few clicks away. We've made sure that all of our themes are easy to find and install, so spicing up your TOPS Professional software is quick and easy! 

    Here are some of our faves:


    We are so excited to continue working with you and hope you enjoy this little surprise. 

    Now, hit the store to get started!