TOPS [ONE] Update

    Posted by Karch Palasti on May 21, 2018


    The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

    The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

    Here's what's new:



    • Document Storage - TOPS [ONE] has expanded its document/attachment storage capabilities and integrated them with the Owner Access owner portal companion app. Some features include:


    • Assessment Rounding
      • When selecting a calculation method that is not Flat Dollar Amount, a new option to round all assessment calculations to the nearest dollar will appear. The rounding will occur at the time of the apply charges process:
    • Resolved Issues
      • GL account linkage to charge codes will properly reassign the GL account to the parent account/default cost center depending on whether cost centers are being turned on or off, respectively


    • Resolved Issues
      • Updating a user's email will correctly update their login email as well (will not require a contact to support)
      • Removed the Community Setup Banner from pages it was incorrectly appearing
      • Resolved issue with transaction posting to the next day for certain time zones





    • Resolved Issues
      • Cash Receipt batches will now display on all appropriate activity feeds
      • Community Name character limit raised to 100 characters


    • Resolved Issues
      • When emailing owner activity, multiple emails can now be set
      • Settlement/Move Out dates have been added to all owner types
      • Users can no longer add additional property addresses to an individual property record
      • Email fields will now accept the '.website' top-level domains



    • Accounting Periods
      • All future accounting periods have been set to Open. There is no longer a restriction to only having two periods open at once

    Accounts Receivable

    • General
      • Post dates on transactions no longer has to fall within the current period
      • Automated Apply Charges jobs will use correct amount based on the fiscal year of the post date

    • Apply Charges - Apply Charges has received some quality of life updates:
      • Charge codes will automatically select based on the entered Post Date
      • An end date can now be set for Special Assessment codes
      • A preview/posting report can be run on each charge batch
      • Cleaned up the UI for the batch review page
    • Apply Prepaids
      • A new preview/posting report is available on all apply prepaids batches

    • Cash Receipts
      • Individual owner payments can now be removed from a save/accrued cash receipt batch
    • Resolved Issues
      • The fiscal year drop down for Generate Statements will default to the current fiscal year
      • Users can now edit the associated GL accounts for a prepaid adjustment after it has been posted
      • Automated Late Fee jobs will no longer fail when there are no candidates found

    Accounts Payable

    • Adjustments
      • Users can now add additional AP Adjustments in succession

    • Enter Bills
      • New Transaction Type: Bill - Separate Check. When a bill is marked for a separate check, it will always receive its own check regardless of additional bills selected
      • Attachments can now be removed from a bill prior to saving/posting

    • Make Payments
      • Precheck Writing Report - When selecting one or more bills for payment, a new option will appear for the Precheck Writing Report in the actions menu. Selecting this will generate a PDF to view the selected bills and their presumed effect on the community's bank balance

    • Resolved Issues
      • Credit memos can no longer be 'Marked as Paid' via an adjustment
      • Editing a bill with multiple distributions in a cash accounting community will no longer encounter errors when saving/posting
      • Voiding handwritten checks with multiple distributions will properly void for the full amount
      • Deleting a distribution from a miscellaneous cash receipt will correctly remove it from the GL
      • Bills with multiple distributions will now round to the second decimal place when paid with a partial payment that does not evenly divide
      • Vendor mailing labels will now export to a single excel file

    General Ledger

    • Resolved Journal Entries
      • Reversing a Journal Entry will no longer create negative debit/credit entries
      • Resolved an issue where saving an already selected default cost center was not updating all transactions that did not previously have a cost center


    • Updates
      • All instances of the word 'Violation' has been replaced with 'CCR'
      • Added a Due Date field for CCR records

    Work Order

    • Resolved Issues
      • Emailed work orders will use the correct reply to address
      • Users can now search for a property via address and property account number


    Reports - Standard

    • New Report - AP Open Items
      • A new AP report that show all unpaid invoices for each Vendor as of a date specified by the user
    • New Report - Owner Listing
      • A new portfolio report that will list all primary owners in a community

    • New Report - Vendor Report
      • A new AP report that will list a range of vendors as well as basic vendor profile information, with an option to include/exclude insurance information

    • General - Net Income By Cost Center
      • There is a new option on relevant reports to display the net income broken out by cost center
    • Balance Sheet
      • There is a new "Out of Balance" message on all balance sheets when the balance sheet is not in balance. The message will state by how much the report is out of balance
    • Cash Receipt Deposit
      • Refactored to organize data by cash receipt batch

    • Check Register
      • There is a new option to include invoice distribution detail
      • Added the bank and bank account name to the header

    • Trial Balance
      • Added additional Reference and Check# information where applicable

    • Vendor History
      • Report can now display multiple vendors
      • Refactored output to show the status of an invoice as well as its status in relation to any relevant checks
    • Work Order
      • The excel export has been reformatted to be more inline with the service request report

    • Resolved Issues
      • Resolved issue where some clients could not delete templates from the library
      • Several refactors to account balance calculations on GL reports for better accuracy
      • Resolved various issues causing failure in reports to export
      • Resolved performance issues preventing reports from loading in the UI
      • CCR Report will no longer error when exporting with Show Comments toggled on
      • Resolved issue where Property Address selection was displaying Primary Mailing Address in custom portfolio reports
      • Security Deposit report will only display owners who have a valid security deposit entry as of the date entered
      • Resolved several alignment issues on report UIs and exports
      • Added check# column to the AP Distribution to GL report
      • Removed duplicate records from owner resale report
      • Resolved issue where detail would not display on Trial Balance if there were only debits or only credits for a given account
      • Resolved rounding discrepancy between UI and export of the Fund Balance Sheet and Yearly Income Statement

    Reports - Packages

    • Set Package Date
      • Users can now set the start/end dates (or as of) applied to all reports in a package. These dates will pull from the community's current period by default
    • Resolved Issues
      • Bank Reconciliation will pull the correct community's bank account
      • Updated report default settings to match the defaults in the Standard Reports section

    Owner Access

    Owner Access Setup

    • Resolved Issues
      • Deleted communities will no longer display



    TOPS [ONE]