TOPS [ONE] Update

    Posted by Karch Palasti on December 18, 2017


    The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

    The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

    Here's what's new:

    New Features

    Year End

    • Accounting Setup - Set Suspense Account
      • A community's suspense account can now be set to any valid expense account (previously defaulted to the 9999 account). This will remain the default account unless otherwise changed.

    • Budgets - Copy Budgets
      • The ability to copy one fiscal year's budget to another has been added to the Budgets page and the New Accounting Year Setup wizard. Budgets can only be copied forward (i.e. cannot copy from 2017 > 2016).

    • Budgets - Set Budgets for Cost Centers
      • Budgets can now be assigned to cost-centers. These values will appear on the applicable reports.
    • Security Deposits
      • Added a new code type for security deposits. Currently only allows for one code per community. Security deposits can be added to an owner via the AR Adjustments module. For more information, view the following knowledge base article: Adding Security Deposits
      • Added a security deposit report to track owner's with a positive security deposit balance. The report can be found in the Accounts Receivable section of the Standard Reports menu:

    • Reports - Report of Independent Contractors 
      • To help customers comply with California law, the Report of Independent Contractors will generate the necessary file to submit to the Employment Development Department. The report is located in the Year End section of the Standard Reports menu. For more information, view the following knowledge base article: Report of Independent Contractors

    • Vendors - Add Contracts
      • Contracts can now be added to vendors. Each vendor can have a single contract for each community. This feature was implemented for the sake of the above mentioned Report of Independent Contractors. Contracts will be expanded on in future iterations of the app. For more information, view the following knowledge base article: Adding Vendor Contracts

    • Vendors - Primary Contact
      • Added flag to mark a contact as primary
      • Added place to set social security number; Number will only display last four digits preceded by asterisks (e.g. ***-**-1234)

    Bug Fixes and Other Updates


    Activity Feeds

    • General
      • Resolved issues where amounts would display as doubled in activity detail

    • Property Feeds
      • Improved reliability for owner activity statements



    • Remove / Edit
      • Resolved several issues where certain owners could not be edited or removed



    • Accounting Setup
      • Removed duplicate years when setting up a new accounting year

    Accounts Receivable

    • Collections
      • Collection actions no longer require a letter (some users could not set 'Letter' to nothing)

    • Lockbox
      • Resolved issue with Dues Payment format imports

    • Validation File
      • Resolved several issues with validation file export accuracy and performance

    Accounts Payable

    • Vendors
      • Comments made directly to vendors will appear on the appropriate feeds

    General Ledger

    • General
      • Resolved issue where handwritten checks and AP adjustments would not post to the correct cost-centers; Fixed retroactively

    • Credit Memos
      • Resolved several issue with how credit memos were posting to the GL



    • Letters
      • Resolved issue with letters not always printing when the violation had a PDF attached


    Send Message

    • Merge Codes
      • Resolved issue with <<TotalAmountDue>> merge code coming up blank
      • Emails will recognize return/new lines entered into the message body text


    • Report Refactor - Aged Owner Balance
      • Added a new option to show code detail. The report will load with the detail on by default
      • Refactored the way balances are broken out by days aged

    • General
      • Improved report performance for several reports to prevent time outs during report screen load and export

    • Fund Balance Sheet
      • Resolved issue with the way the export broke out the net income/loss figure
      • Resolved issue with Total Liabilities & Equity not always calculating correctly

    • Prepaid Owner
      • Resolved issue with the grand total at the end of the report



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