TOPS [ONE] Update

    Posted by Karch Palasti on September 26, 2017


    The TOPS [ONE] development team is adding multiple new additions and updates to the platform today.

    The following new releases will be live in TOPS [ONE] today. As a web-based product, there is no action for TOPS [ONE] users to take. Your TOPS [ONE] platform will automatically be updated in the cloud.

    Here's what's new:


    Activity Feeds

    • All Feeds
      • Additional optimization of new feeds throughout the application
      • Resolved an issue where all items within the given time frame were showing instead of six per page


    • Category Assignment
      • After a rework to charge code category assignment, some properties were left without assignments for 2017. All properties have had their categories restored where appropriate


    • Property Assignment
      • All management items (work orders, violations, service requests) not currently assigned to primary owners have now been re-assigned to that property's primary owner. Additionally, the resale process has been updated to ignore management items (they will always remain with the current primary owner)


    • Global Search
      • Resolved an issue causing some owners not to appear in search results

    • Widget Search
      • When a property could return multiple residents in the list results, the primary owner is given preference



    • Activity Feed
      • The activity print out will now contain the owner's full name and address
      • Violations will now show an entry for each processed action level relative to the date it was processed. Previously, violation records would only ever display on the feed based on their create date.

    • Legacy History
      • Resolved issue with data display formatting


    • Owner Index - New Filters
      • A new option to filter the owners index page has been added. For a more in-depth walkthrough, please refer to this knowledge base article:


    Accounts Receivable

    • General
      • The review page for AR functions will now sort by owner last name

    • Apply Charges - Automation
      • When running apply charges via automation, apply prepaid will post/accrue correctly based on the chosen job type

    • Invoices & Statements
      • Resolved several issues with incorrect balances displaying for 'Amount Due'
      • Resolved issue with prepaid balances doubling
      • Statements generated for a single owner will now display the owner's name on the feed rather than the community
      • Violation charges will now display when the action and fee were processed instead of being lumped together based on the violation's create date
      • Optimized processes to reduce time outs on larger databases
      • Transactions created via 'Import Charges' will now display on the batch statements
      • Resolved issues with statement options for including/excluding owners based on balances

    Accounts Payable

    • Enter Bills
      • Resolved issue when removing a distribution from a bill not saving properly



    • Violation Tickets
      • Improved load times on the tickets page



    • Check Register
      • Resolved an issue where the totals on the export did not match the totals on the screen's output
      • Resolved a time-out error

    • Income Statement
      • Added cost-center numbers and description to report exports
      • Resolved issue with 'Variance' accuracy when setting the date range beyond a single month

    • Service Request
      • Links to service request items will no longer send the user to a work order ticket profile

    • Vendor History
      • Resolved an issue with the report not loading



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