TOPS [ONE] Scheduled Maintenance Coming Soon!

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    Please be patient as TOPS Support upgrades our infrastructure. These updates will take place over two different days! Thank you for your patience.

    Support Improvements & Client Comments

    Technical Support

    We are thrilled to report that our support response times have dramatically improved, and we are now hearing some very positive feedback from customers.

    New to TOPS | Making Your Tools Work for You

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    Like cooking good food, you only get out of your software what you put into it. If you can put in the time to learn how to use the tools at your disposal, your TOPS experience can be so much better. Learn about the tools available to TOPS [ONE] clients.

    New Changes Taking Effect in Support

    Technical Support

    TOPS Client Services is implementing an impact-based response system that will allow us to respond faster to clients with higher needs.

    New Changes in TOPS Support for 2018

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    Great new changes are on the way. See what TOPS is doing to better support you in 2018!

    Please bear with us as we upgrade our infrastructure

    Technical Support

    Please be patient as TOPS Support upgrades our infrastructure and cross-trains our team members so we can scale up to better serve our increased volume of clientele.

    The Award Winning Nomination for TOPS Support

    Technical Support

    TOPS Software's support team was recently honored by the American Business Awards as one of the top customer service departments of the year.

    Introducing the TOPS Customer Success Community

    Technical Support

    The TOPS Customer Success Community is a fully interactive support experience that allows you to access your support cases, ask questions and find answers.

    Year-End Survival Guide

    Technical Support

    Now that 2014 has come to an end, it is time for us to begin the procedure of closing out the year. Here's your year-end survival guide from TOPS.

    Keeping Your Support Options Open

    Technical Support

    The TOPS support team has some of the hardest working people in TOPS. This year, we have made several key changes to help improve our support infrastructure.

    How to access the TOPS Customer Portal

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    The new Customer Care Center from TOPS Software is designed to be a one-stop-shop for all of your needs as a user of TOPS Software's products.

    New Customer Portal Coming Soon

    Technical Support

    We are working on a customer portal where TOPS users can log in and view support tickets, and we are in the process of training our techs to use the new system.

    How to Make a Super Quick GL Backup

    Technical Support

    If you would like the option to revert back to a previous General Ledger, here's how you can make a quick backup of the GL.

    How to Add a New Page in Enhanced Bills Layout

    Technical Support

    This article explains how to add a new page in enhanced bills layout in TOPS Professional.

    Eve N You Can Save TIME with the AFTER Year End Close Checklist!

    Technical Support

    When closing the year, TOPS Software automatically creates a file called a GLBACK. Take the time to go over a checklist of things to check after closing.

    It's Year-End Closing Time

    Technical Support

    There are some modules that must be closed on a calendar year regardless of the Fiscal Year. TOPS recognizes this.

    Are You Tracking Your Management Company Info in TOPS?

    Technical Support

    Learn how to track your management company information using TOPS.

    Eve N You Can Fix Magical Disappearing MICR Check Printing Files

    Accounting, Technical Support

    Did your MICR Check Printing files magically disappear? Oh... My... Gosh... I don't know about you, but this does NOT make my day magically delicious!