Closing the Books on 2018

    Accounting, TOPS [ONE], TOPS Professional, TOPS iQ

    All about year end: how to close the books in all TOPS products, as well as answers to the most commonly asked questions from our support team.

    Automate Before It's Too Late

    Accounting, Technology, TOPS iQ Integration, Management Tools

    Year-end accruals are so much easier with automated accounts payable (AP) solution! To make your process easier download this ebook before it's too late.

    Webinar | Reserve Funding Success

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    A FREE educational webinar by Association Reserves is coming Oct. 24th. Register today to learn the many benefits of a strong reserve plan.

    Credit Bureau Reporting (Is It Legal?) with Oscar Marquis

    Accounting, Technology, Financial Services, Webinars, Banking

    TOPS is celebrating National Financial Literacy Month by teaming up with Sperlonga and bringing you a webinar about Credit Bureau Reporting.

    Year End Closing Instructions 2016


    Are your books all set for year end? If you don't know, we have everything you need to close your books here! Year End Guides for TOPS Pro, iQ and TOPS [ONE]

    Let's Talk ACH Processing in TOPS [ONE]


    A frank talk about ACH, how it works, security, and what's happening with ACH processing expectations in the Community Association Management industry.

    Are You Ready for Year End? Everything You Need is Here

    TOPS Newsletter, Accounting

    Now that 2015 has come to an end, it is time for us to begin closing out the year. This is the busiest season for TOPS, everyone is calling support at once.

    Complete Guide to Rental Accounting in TOPS


    There are Basic and Advanced functions in TOPS to do Rentals. You will find that the Rental Accounting is a good choice to handle rental units.

    Quick Notes on 1099s


    We have continued to have reports from customers of inaccuracies in printing the new 1099 forms. This issue is currently being fixed by our developers.

    IRS Changes to 1096 and 1099 Tax Forms


    The IRS has changed the 1096 and 1099 forms for 2013 filings. This requires a change in the positioning of the text on the forms printed by the TOPS program.

    Year End Closing Instructions Now Available


    Year end is approaching fast, and we are ready for those of you who want the year-end closing instructions for all accounting modules in TOPS.

    Live Blog: Transfer of Ownership with Balance Refunds on Resale/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure


    The TOPS Owner Resale function will prevent important data from being lost, as it is required for at least 7 years of history to be kept.

    Save Time with Batch Adjustments (Why do it, and How to do it)


    Batch Adjustments are adjustments for groups of owners that can either be a one-time adjustment or recurring adjustments and here's how to do them.

    Top Ten Questions about Lockbox Answered


    Here are some of your most burning Lockbox questions answered.

    Eve N You Can Customize Enhanced Bills (Special Thanksgiving Edition)


    If you don’t like how the ENHANCED BILLS prints out the wording : Pay online at: then this is what you can do about it all by yourself.

    Eve N You Can fix Prepaid DB Codes


    Learn how to fix the "DB" next to your prepaid in TOPS Pro.

    Eve N You Can Fix Magical Disappearing MICR Check Printing Files

    Accounting, Technical Support

    Did your MICR Check Printing files magically disappear? Oh... My... Gosh... I don't know about you, but this does NOT make my day magically delicious!

    How To do Payment Adjustments

    Accounting, Technical Support

    Learn how to do a payment adjustment in Cash Receipts, Lockbox, ACH or the Check Scanner in TOPS.