Tips From TOPS Volume 5

    Posted by Maria Reyes on December 6, 2018

    Welcome to Tips from TOPS! If you follow our CAM blog, you're already familiar with this "mashup" format, where we showcase a number of articles that we feel offer fresh, new insight into some facet of the CAM industry. Each month we're going to roll out a few articles in our knowledge base that we think will help TOPS users really understand everything the application can do, and how to make it work most efficiently for you and your needs! 

    An Informed Owner, is a Happy Owner

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    The "Owner Portal" is the homeowners way to be "in the know" when it comes to their home! They can view their property accounting history, view any Work Order or CCR records they may have, and using TOPS Pay, they can also pay off their Assessment Charges.  Click here to learn how to set up your communities Owner Portal


    Just in case they have trouble logging this. 

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    As you know, the recommended browser for TOPS [ONE] is Google Chrome. The same thing goes for the Owner Portal. This article gives you some troubleshooting steps you and the owner can try out before opening up a support ticket. And for your homeowners who like to dive in and get their feet wet, there's a PDF you can send them as well. Learn the tips and tricks here. 


    TOPS Pay? Tell me more. 

    Product: TOPS [ONE]
    TOPS Pay is a free service that allows homeowners enroll in AutoPay for their Assessment and Special Assessment charges. After a 3 day pending period, the payments are automatically posted as a cash receipt.  
    Learn more about TOPS Pay


    "Would that be Email or Snail Mail?"

    Product: TOPS [ONE] 

    Save time, trees, and stamps by emailing owners their statements and letters! Statements and letters can be sent to owners either by email or you can generate a PDF to send to the owners. If a primary owner has a primary email on their profile, they can have their communication preference updated.  Find out how to update their Owner Delivery Preference.

    "Where can I find more of these articles?" You ask.

    Product: TOPS [ONE]

    We have recently given some love to our TOPS [ONE] Knowledge Center. We have hundreds of articles just waiting to help out with any questions that may arise. If you need help finding something specific, or if you need to get in touch with us, click here.


    Do You Have a Request?

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    This is a new series for us, and we're eager to highlight the things that work best for our clients. If you want to see certain content or features mentioned here, let us know!

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